Cloudly.IO: Structuring an Automated Platform for Smooth Data Migration

Shah Rahman, Founder and CEO
Headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, Cloudly.IO is redefining the next level of flexible data migration and cloud adoption by efficiently moving datasets hosted in traditional databases to cloud databases securely and intelligently. Shah Rahman, Founder and CEO of Cloudly.IO emphasizes on the idea of ‘mobilizing’ the databases to ensure easier cloud adoption. “Established as a consulting firm, over a period of time we have realized that various industries are facing rampant challenges in mobility of data,” says Shah. This prompted Cloudly.IO to move its trail from consulting to solution by offering an automated SaaS platform to move data around securely and safely. Focused on data migration, security and privacy of data–the company currently provides solutions that help enterprises modernize, consolidate, migrate and move enterprise data across multiple cloud databases.

Cloudly.IO’s core solutions spanning auto provisioning, auto migration, and auto refresh are powerful enough to automate 60- 70 percent of total workload migration and the company strives towards 80 percent. From an architectural standpoint, migration of data-centric workloads may require significant customization on an enterprise software stack, as every enterprise varies widely in the type and size of data assets they hold. Scanning the datasets of customers, Cloudly.IO’s expert team comes up with a blueprint that will have mappings at multiple levels—at the hardware level, at the container level, at the data level and, even to the application level. The company initially standardizes the entities like configurations, schemas and use cases prior to executing the actual migration. It also exposes custom APIs to connect the source and the destination of a migration. This level of customization provides the flexibility for enterprises to integrate Cloudly API into their custom platform on AWS that can be easily replicated to other cloud platforms. “In a nutshell, we create a standard platform for data mobility which can be used in enterprise mode or a non enterprise mode for moving data around,” claims Shah.

Recently, a media firm that owned a large photographic dataset functioning on data center at Texas approached Cloudly. IO to move their complete data sets to AWS.

We follow a unique strategy of automation and manual combo: where 80 percent migration is automated and 20 percent remains for human intelligence

“After facing issues with the legacy hardware, we came up with a blueprint focusing on specific migration needs,” explains Shah. Most of the platform was migrated to AWS including all data and media assets. The entire project was completed within two months–well ahead of required schedule and much under client’s budget. The client experienced a drastic improvement in operations, maintenance and cost, with the platform taking care of the most complex data migration tasks.

With success stories like the above contributing to the growth of the company, Cloudly.IO serves a few Fortune 500 clients as well as midsize corporations across Telecom, Financial, Healthcare and Enterprise Contents industries. Shah states, “The resources and set of skilled manpower involved in building the platform are the key factors for our success.” Cloudly.IO follows a prescribed pattern in developing intelligent and innovative solutions that are conceptualized with in-depth research on cloud data offerings as well as cloud data service providers.

“We’re not the first company to conceive an automated data platform, so whenever we find an opportunity we automate the workflow towards 80 percent and leave the remaining 20 percent to human intelligence. This combination is the secret formula exercised by Cloudly.IO for better prospects in data mobility” Shah explains. With a strong notion on cloud and data expertise, the firm focuses on automated data mobility in a precise manner. “The next generation data integration will engrave the future of cloud–not compute or storage. We are well positioned to meet these challenges with more vitality,” concludes Shah.


Santa Clara,CA

Shah Rahman, Founder and CEO

Automatically migrate data to destination cloud with embedded workloads.