CloudMine: Connecting Healthcare via Cloud

Nick Borth, VP, Product & Marketing
The product space tailored to deliver results and accelerate innovation in healthcare leaves CloudMine in an arena many try to enter, but fail to stay ahead of the curve. What started five years ago today offers an array of products emerging from a platform for secure and controlled access to healthcare data, utilizing a uniquely functioning API. “We believe solution delivery is just as important as our platform,” connotes Nick Borth, VP, Product and Marketing, CloudMine.

Recognizing that most healthcare organizations face redundancy in the infrastructure components required to build out mobile and web applications, CloudMine transcends the market by offering products whose focal points are solely the clients’ application value. “We select these components in a best-of-breed fashion,” explains Borth, “such as they could then be compiled in a cloud-based platform and be consumed through a streamlined API.”

“First and foremost, we provide secure and controlled access to data through our API,” extols Borth. “We have a variety of authentication mechanisms in order to access our API.” Having clients in healthcare may spring up requirements of remote key management to their API. By granting controlled access and having it built into the platform, CloudMine is able to provide user groups and subsets to govern access at both the data and the functional level.

CloudMine’s Developer Tools provides developers with the framework and infrastructure required to construct APIs and ultimately power digital transformation. The Interoperability Engine, another component of the platform, integrates healthcare data systems such as EMR or electronic medical records into the platform. With that, “We are able to take that data, bring it into our platform, transform it, normalize it, and ultimately provide our customers with an API to access it from various locations,” explains Borth.

The idea of Cognitive Analytics and its appropriation in healthcare is the equivalent to a ‘data lake’, as described by Borth.

We believe solution delivery is just as important as our platform

Customers use CloudMine as a staging ground for amassing and aggregating healthcare-related data that can be analyzed using machine learning and big data analytics tools or accessed through custom-designed APIs using the CloudMine API. “We empower cognitive analytics,’’ asserts Borth. “It provides the finesse and preparation for making data useful in the analytics world.”

By providing SDKs for Apple’s Research Kit framework, CloudMine enables Apple developers to hook into a secure cloud platform for storing and governing their data out of the box, “which is pretty cool,” says Borth. “We have compliance in the form of HIPAA & HITECH, ISO 27001 & HITRUST, in addition to further productizing different certifications around FDA regulations.”

The bulk of CloudMine’s sales process lies in understanding the customer’s use cases. “In the case of a client wanting to build an application that talks to a smart asthma inhaler, we have enabled them to connect to patient record systems, so that we can bring that data to CloudMine to later be used for analytics, and correlate it to the smart medical device,’’ explains Borth. “Moreover, we have enabled them to build APIs in the form of micro-services to control access to that data set based on a given target demographic, and make sure nothing gets lost.”

En route to international expansion, CloudMine is looking to carve out new layers of service to its platform. “As you see us progress, we’ll go down the road of identity management and data governance to match changing regulatory conditions,” affirms Borth. “Because we have a strong data storage layer, we also want to open up to serve more than just application developers, and serve data scientists natively on our platform.”


Philadelphia, PA

Nick Borth, VP, Product & Marketing

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