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Jake A. Cummins, President
The dawn of digital transformation is driving the adoption of innovative commerce and collaboration models to gain a competitive edge. In the thick of this, data center connectivity is crucial to delivering digital services at a global scale by bringing everything within reach. Despite understanding the need for adopting high-end data center services, many organizations continue to struggle with the complexity of implementing effective solutions. In this scenario, it takes a consulting partner to help choose the right data center based on geographic, economic, and security parameters for building a perfect network. Cloudnexion is one such firm that knows the best of the breed solution providers and the market dynamics that address the most pressing challenges and demands of customers across the globe. The company helps customers deploy data center or collocation services while catering to a plethora of requirements from network connectivity, peering and interconnection, certifications, power density, environmentals (power, cooling capacity, etc.), capacity, and more.

“We have procured data center environments in over 35 countries for different clients. With our deep understanding of the competition as well as the interconnection and peering landscape globally, we assist customers to discern any pitfalls—that includes addressing factors like Brexit and GDPR or different socio-political concerns— in deploying data center services or colocation services throughout the world,” says Jake A. Cummins, President of Cloudnexion. Apart from just the information about the data centers, it is also essential to know about the various data protection policies followed in respective countries as well as general information such as the varying policy conditions globally. By leveraging very strong carrier relationships, Cloudnexion ensures that clients are provided with a wide array of vendors and their offerings. With 15 years of rich experience built up by strong partner relationships, Cloudnexion provides its customers an advantage of being able to choose the right data centers strategically. “Because we don’t have physical data center assets in the US, relying on trusted partners who are experts in the global colocation market and the holistic interconnection landscape is the key. Cloudnexion puts its clients first and offers top-notch customer support, which mirrors the mindset we have at Interxion,” says Doug Loewe, VP International for Interxion who has recently collaborated with Cloudnexion as their key European collocation partner. From the security standpoint, Cloudnexion works with leading-edge security companies that help customers decide on how to protect and secure their data.

The process of identifying data center solutions usually starts with a strategy call with the customer to get a clear understanding of their requirements and mission pertaining to what the client is looking to accomplish. Once the client’s requirements are assessed, solutions are presented to the customer, tours are set up, and a deep dive of the solution is done. The Cloudnexion team assists the customer with all supplier interactions and removes that burden from the customer.

Because we don’t have physical data center assets in the US, relying on trusted partners who are experts in the global colocation market and the holistic interconnection landscape is key. Cloudnexion puts its clients first and offers topnotch customer support, which mirrors the mindset we have at Interxion.

“We usually adhere to one or two suppliers that we are sure of based on the customer’s requirements, instead of providing ten quotes from different vendors,” says Cummins. This move has proven to save a significant amount of time for the customers as well as cement Cloudnexion’s role as an expert in the space. Once the client chooses a data center, Cloudnexion manages the order process, provisioning process, and all post-sales requirements for the customer. This includes support for billing issues, service concerns, renewals, and moves/adds/changes. This additional support relieves the customer from a great deal of administrative burden.

In an example, Cloudnexion assisted a very large security services firm with a global data center deployment that spans over 18 countries and 28 different data centers. The value that Cloudnexion provided here was a substantially faster time to market as the customer was able to utilize one contact to facilitate all aspects of the deployment. These aspects include site selection and evaluation, pricing and contract negotiation, project management support, and post-sales support. One of Cloudnexion’s clients, Peter Chen, Vice President, Development Operations at MiMedia mentions, “MiMedia chooses to work with Cloudnexion because they are hyper aware of the data center marketplace and understand how to architect the correct solutions for us. Cloudnexion works hard for us by making sure that our questions are answered in a timely manner, and that our relationship with the providers is extremely well managed and supported.”

Envisioning a successful year ahead, Cummins hopes that the achievements of the previous year will pave the way for the future. Having seen predominant growth in the data center industry, Cloudnexion intends to provide services to customers in practically any part of the world. “Our goal is to continue upon our success in 2017 and adhere to our mantra which is to provide value and insight to our customers as it relates to IT and Telecommunications infrastructure and procurement,” concludes Cummins.


Littleton, CO

Jake A. Cummins, President

Global Data Center and Interconnection expertise, delivering value to clients by assisting them with all aspects of the solution evaluation and implementation process