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Josh Clark, President
For seamless and cost-effective collaboration and communication between employees, partners, and clients, today’s businesses are migrating to the cloud. As the sole enabler of flawless connectivity, the cloud allows employees to maintain work-life balance and operate based on the ‘anywhere, anytime, any device’ paradigm. However, for a seamless cloud environment, companies often lack the ability to integrate SaaS solutions with the on-premise and get them to work together. In such a scenario, “We package the hosted environment as a container for both SaaS and on-premise, allowing them to work together seamlessly,” says Josh Clark, President, Cloudnine Realtime. As an innovative cloud solutions provider, Cloudnine enables businesses of all sizes to drive their business results through cloud-based collaboration.

Cloudnine builds custom, private servers specially configured to meet all business-specific needs. The server is built based on the number of users, amount of business data, and the applications a Cloudnine client has. The server provides impregnable security and backup to the business applications while ensuring scalable resource availability to meet the varying business demands. With such capabilities, businesses and employees can interact with people and data even on the go. “We enable our clients to reduce the employee turnover and commute times through remote collaboration and access,” says Clark. “We increase resources before customers need it to ensure that their business can run smoothly and effectively.”

By using Cloudnine’s custom Virtual Private Server, businesses can achieve cost benefits by eliminating internal server costs entirely. Cloudnine also provides desktop versions of QuickBooks software in a secure, multi-user environment where businesses and accountants can access the same file at the same time. Businesses of all sizes can also leverage Mi-crosoft Exchange Server through Cloudnine’s hardware, infrastructure, and personnel. Cloudnine acts as the central IT control room, monitoring and managing the exchange service at all times. As updates are done automatically, businesses can ensure they are using secure software. Moreover, “You also get instant compliances like SSAE16, PCI, HIPAA, as well as SOC1 & 2 compliances.”

We package the hosted environment as a container for both SaaS and on-premise, allowing employees and businesses to collaborate seamlessly

Apart from QuickBooks hosting, businesses want help in hosting a variety of applications including CRMs, tax, SaaS, office tools, billing, and document management. “We adapt with the market and its needs, allowing our customers and their clients to do the same,” notes Clark. Cloudnine also provides businesses with remote access through its virtual server hosting.

Putting the power in the hands of their clients, Cloudnine’s innovative solution, C9 Portal, gives businesses the ability to manage users, applications, and view server analytics in real time from a centralized dashboard. The C9 consultants help clients in customizing their IT by integrating solutions from different vendors in a simple and conducive manner.

With a unique business model, Solve Services—an innovative accounting and consulting firm—wanted a partner who could provide a cost-effective means of setting up their business in a manner that facilitated collaboration and data accessibility from different locations. Through Cloudnine’s solutions and support, Solve Services transformed their idea into an actual business by hosting their suite of business applications in the cloud.

“We believe the cloud is for everyone, because it offers seamless, real-time collaboration, incredible security, and significant cost savings,” says Clark. With relentless effort to build on the promise of cloud, Cloudnine continues to help the businesses expand their clientele beyond geographical bounds.

Cloudnine Realtime

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Josh Clark, President

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Cloudnine Realtime