Cloudology: Cost-Effective Migrations Backed by Experience

CIO VendorEhab Amin, President & Chief Architect
Data centers have undergone technological transformations that have rendered them the status of highly sophisticated assets for enterprises and government organizations. However, in the recent times, changes in the regulations and compliance requirements perturb many CIOs, who are prompted to exit the often ‘non compliant’ or ‘unsafe’ data centers. This is not an easy task, and it requires robust set of tools and teams with in-depth experience to accomplish. Headquartered in New York, Cloudology helps clients overcome such challenges by giving them the right technical and business resources to cover any ‘missing links’. Cloudology was founded with the aim to simplify IT for CIOs and to help them make educated decisions based on the powerful insights,” says Ehab Amin, President and Chief Architect, Cloudology.

Over the years, Cloudology’s solutions have helped many global firms to embrace cloud computing, virtualization, and other technologies that increase their ability to leverage on available resources. The firm is well known for its server, software and hardware virtualization and Data Center consolidation efforts in the US and Europe. “While bringing the international data centers to collocation in the U.S., we ensure that we cover all the client concerns—ranging from physical security concerns to virtual security as well to any hidden information the stakeholders can benefit from,” says Amin. The company’s services are mostly focused in selecting the right approach for the client rather than convincing them to adapt to new technologies. “Human resources and change management were always notified with the process, and concepts like game theory are exercised to avoid disruptions during the migration,” Amin adds.

For instance, Fischer Francis Trees and Watts, a BNP Paribas subsidiary and global investment management firm, is no stranger to the functionalities and benefits of the services offered by Cloudology. The company, after assessing the client’s existing technology moved over 500 physical servers from a data center in London to the U.S. and secured three more data centers in Boston (for disaster recovery), New York and New Jersey.
The implementation opened up new paths for the customers to take technology to the next level and recover their loss by cutting down on operation expenses and switch their IT investments from CapEx to OpEx. “We knew it wasn’t easy for a large financial institution to listen to a startup company and trust their judgment based on client’s information. Cloudology’s expertise and experience in the IT industry helped address their data center needs in the long run and take advantage of amortization and depreciation rates of the hardware,” beams Amin.

It is a matter of selecting the right approach for the client rather than convincing them to adapt to new virtualization technologies

Cloudology’s most recent data center migration was for Forest laboratory migration after it was acquired by Actavis in July 2014. In this engagement, the firm engaged a resource with communication degree to handle their communications effort with stakeholders. The firm analyzed how each decision would impact the overall end result of each migration to avoid lot of space for errors. This detailed approach enabled Cloudology to execute seamless data center transition.

Amin believes that behind the successful execution of migration strategies and services to the clients, the knowledge and skills gathered from his professional education at NYU has a huge role to play. “It has helped us look beyond the technical aspect of the migration technology,” adds Amin. “In this line of work, understanding people’s resistance to change and having insights on political, financial, and economic impacts not only enable successful migration but helps to stay ahead of the competition.”

Cloudology has an exciting roadmap planned. “We have registered the Cloudology Trade Mark across the U.S. This means that we can now offer services to our clients, unhindered in any part of the country,” beams Amin.


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Ehab Amin, President & Chief Architect

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