CloudOne: Integrated IoT Platforms for Enterprise Applications

John McDonald, CEO
The Internet of things is becoming wide spread and a highly talked about phenomenon betwixt people at workplace and outside. The basic connection of devices with an on and off switch to the internet is the entire concept of ‘Internet of Things’. Realizing that the world is moving towards a more connected world, CloudOne today provides solutions for cloud applications, production and analysis of software and products in a secure, private and hybrid cloud environments. “The issue grappling the IoT landscape pertains to the security for the development of Internet of Things. Since a prescribed standard was not available to implement an IoT infrastructure, CloudOne devised a system to help enterprises minimize risks,” explains John McDonald, CEO, CloudOne.

CloudOne’s Virtual Private Cloud provides secure, universal accessibility, and Rational Test Virtualization Server, which includes Rational Functional Tester, Rational Performance Tester, Security AppScan and Test Data Management to provide Continuous Testing capability. “Developers have to adapt current development practices. Hardware and software have to be developed in tandem to create secure, efficient systems,” says McDonald. “With IoT systems being divided into three main categories-sensors, gateways, and cloud, the integration of all three sectors is necessary for the development and function of organizations. The CloudOne platform allows integration of all the three categories together in a virtual private cloud that is secure for organization’s development team,” he adds.

From an internal design prospective, CloudOne offers integration of various platforms. The software not being open source provides tailor made solutions that include migration to DevOps, collaborative planning and development, testing and monitoring. The solution also helps in Software development, management for business equipment, secure and reliable message delivery, and analytics for large companies.

In a world where developers are increasingly the focusing on development of IoT platforms and solutions, the firm enables companies to move ahead with their existing software instead of starting from scratch.
This includes platform-to-platform integration, that is, movement from closed platforms towards open IoT platforms that support multiple applications, devices, and networks.

“CloudOne also specializes in integrating the existing systems of large companies and making IoT capable for them so that they don’t have to abandon their current software infrastructure,” explains McDonald. DevOps enables a business to maximize the speed of delivery of a product or service, from the initial idea to the customer feedback.

CloudOne also specializes in integrating the existing systems of large companies and making IoT capable for them so that they don’t have to abandon their current software infrastructure

The assessment of DevOps identifies bottlenecks and omissions in the process of transformation. One of CloudOne’s client’s Panasonic, a Japanese electronics producer provided with the on board entertainment unit for many automobile companies, but had issues with their distribution, allocation of resources, rebuff of flexibility and poor team communication. CloudOne proved to be successful in integrating the client’s platform globally and improved the reuse of their resource, incorporated parts into the cars, and provided support through cloud effectively saving them a lot of time and money.

With the company’s continuous testing, deployment and monitoring solutions they have been in steady relevance to the market as well as its clientele. For the days to come, the firm will continue to focus on developing new technologies and features through software solutions, maintaining long term relationship with their client and running in direct alignment with customers.


Indianapolis, IN

John McDonald, CEO

CloudOne brings enterprise solutions to the cloud, enables global collaborative development, production and analysis of software and products.

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