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Nir Simionovich, Founder & CEO
“Cloudonix was born out of necessity,” begins Nir Simionovich, the Founder and CEO of Cloudonix. Bolstered by over two decades of rich experience in VoIP platform architecture, open source integration, and Asterisk application, he founded Cloudonix to address the lack of OTT communications in the mobile development space. They developed an SDK for OTT communication that was robust and extensive from a feature set perspective yet easy-to-use from a developer’s standpoint. However, many of the communication platform providers were not equipped enough to support their advanced SDK. This invigorated the company’s team of experts specializing in VoIP, network intelligence, and data communications to develop a complete avant-garde communication as a service platform (CPaaS). The platform facilitates simple, smooth and seamless integration of OTT communication tools with any existing mobile or web application of an enterprise. It is GDPR and HIPAA compliant, and ISO certified. “Our platform provides you with a barebone infrastructure to integrate and build any communication tools you want to add to your applications. This means that we are capable of providing services not only on application layer but to help you build a complete infrastructure for communication application development.”

Today, Cloudonix resolves large-scale in-app communication challenges such as security and interoperability and offers top-notch, high-quality voice, text, and video communication services that enable enterprises and telecom companies to reduce costs and increase revenues, ensure privacy, and boost customer retention. “We were able to look at the real-world requirements and start building a solution to match the need rather than building a solution and then looking for a need which is a mistake a lot of startups have unfortunately made,” says Eric Klein, the Co-Founder and COO of Cloudonix. With its communication platform the company offers scalable IP-based services for app to app, app to enterprise, enterprise to app communication, and even connectivity into the traditional public switched telephone network (PSTN).
Eric Klein, COO & Co-FounderEric Klein, COO & Co-Founder
“We can traverse the audio of any call from anywhere to anywhere in the world in under 120 milliseconds in around 95 percent of the cases.”

Cloudonix onboarded a customer within four hours. In specific cases, where the client faces application compatibility issues with the platform, the company’s solution engineer examines their requirements and guides them towards their goals. In an instance, a technical support firm that provides repair services to mobile devices was suffering loss due to policyholder cheating. They wanted to roll out a telephone service that enabled the client devices to connect directly with the support team, where the agent can request specific information from the device for its authentication. The client’s customers bought a policy for one device and other people, with the same device, called them to avail the service. The client could not validate the device as the policy was sold on the call. By implementing Cloudonix’s platform, the client added this very function into their existing call center applications, within a tight budget and short span of time. This is a disruptive change since a few years ago when the process of integrating a new service or technology into an enterprise’s existing application took around a year and cost several million dollars.

Unlike its competitors, “Cloudonix can bridge the gap between the IPv6 and legacy IPv4 environments through its platform, which is a huge advantage given the current application development platforms like Google’s Firebase support IPv6,” says Simionovich. Cloudonix is also working on the integration of various AI voice bots into enterprises’ communication environments. The company is currently operating in 26 different locations around the world on five different continents. Cloudonix has customers in the U.K., Israel, Russia, Philippines, and are intending to expand their existing customer base in the U.S. as well.


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Nir Simionovich, Founder & CEO and Eric Klein, COO & Co-Founder

Cloudonix’s smart voice calls enable frictionless experiences that drive better customer care and faster sales by merging voice and data into a complete service context. Cloudonix adds Cloud capabilities to your existing on premise Call Center. Security, Privacy and more – rapidly deployed and cost effective