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Michael Goggin, Chief Operating Officer
In the last decade, the business world has seen a surge in the adoption of digital technologies, exerting pressure on companies across industries to reconsider their business models fundamentally. To be competitive in the ever-changing marketplace, businesses strive to deliver products and services faster and better than their competitors. They have realized that to achieve success in the modern era and meet customer needs, they must avoid traditional methods and adopt current agile practices to respond quickly and effectively. However, the journey toward digital transformation and deploying modern strategies is easier said than done. It demands unwavering commitment and technical expertise. Without the necessary resources and budget, businesses find it hard to transition to a digital world seamlessly.

CloudQ, a promising software services company, exists to simplify the lives of CEOs looking to improve their businesses' health by implementing digital technologies and modern IT infrastructures. CloudQ's top IT expertise helps companies transform their business processes and stay competitive from strategy to execution. Established in 2013, CloudQ has since grown by leaps and bounds. They went from a small garage start-up to over 400 employees across multiple countries. Today, CloudQ has been recognized four consecutive years as one of the fastest-growing private companies in the US, by INC 5000.

The company's cost-effective services include CRM, Salesforce, Cybersecurity, Robotics, ERP, consulting, onsite and offshore development, application development, project maintenance, management and support, enterprise integration, and staffing. "We, as Digital Transformation experts, have the capability to make our customer’s digital transformation journey smooth, cost-effective, and as frictionless as possible," states Michael Goggin, Chief Operating Officer, CloudQ.

Over the years, CloudQ has recognized that companies from all sectors have the same problem when replacing existing CRM or implementing and managing the Salesforce platform. The company passionately believes that there is no “one-size fits all solution,” so they customize solutions according to the client’s requirements. As a part of their client engagement process, CloudQ's team of experts invest a significant amount of time in analyzing the customer's IT environment, understanding the pain points and objectives, and subsequently, come with the best recommendation in coordination with Salesforce.

Being a Salesforce partner, CloudQ leverages Salesforce's tools and technologies to help CEOs transform their businesses and meet all kinds of cloud needs. CloudQ is also a consulting partner as well as an AppExchange partner of Salesforce. "We have 200 active certifications with Salesforce right now.

We, as Digital Transformation experts, have the capability to make our customer’s digital transformation journey smooth, cost-effective, and as frictionless as possible

Besides that, there are 105 Salesforce experts that are fully certified from a recognition perspective. Our Salesforce Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) average is 4.96 out of five," explains Goggin.

In addition, the company has developed proprietary products like QCEO, QProposal, QStorage+, and more, that are released on the Salesforce AppExchange. For instance, QCEO is a dashboard for CEOs that helps them visualize their business data and track its health by measuring revenue trends, growth, and operational cash flow. Their dashboard is mission control for many CEOs and a window into understanding their business's daily operations and development. With QCEO, high-level executives can see their company expenses, payroll details, project management information, and stock details. In addition, they also can see their employees’ immigration statuses, such as how many visas or green cards are in progress or filed and which RFEs are received or pending.

The highly skilled team at CloudQ also helps customers with their existing products on AppExchange and can develop new ones for them. Talking about their approach, Goggin explains, "If we have a new customer looking to implement Salesforce products, we'll contact Salesforce, have a joint call between the client, our team, and the Salesforce team, and jointly put together a proposal on how we can help the client transform their business." To elaborate more on their services, Goggin cites a case study where CloudQ helped a large media and entertainment company upgrade their Salesforce AppExchange product that they were selling to their customers. Because it was outdated and had many software bugs, they addressed the client's concern in two parts. First, they created a new application that was upgraded to a Lightning version that could quickly be deployed. Then, they went back to their existing application, the non-Lighting version, and fixed all the bugs in that system. In the end, the client was able to launch their existing application, and the newer, lighter version product, bug-free.

Having carved a niche in the cloud services arena, CloudQ is poised for a bright future. With quality being their prime focus, CloudQ’s vision is to be the leader in delivering cloud applications to businesses in diverse industries. Right now, the company is focused on strengthening the partnership with Salesforce because they just acquired Slack. "We're looking to expand our ability, specifically in digital and cloud transformation, and getting people trained on all the disruptive technologies," concludes Goggin.


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Michael Goggin, Chief Operating Officer

CloudQ is a software services and products company delivering high-quality IT solutions as well as staffing and procurement services