CloudSaver: Helping Organizations Rein in Their Cloud Spend

Mark Williams, CEO of CloudSaver
Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers pay-as-you-go pricing for cloud services that have brought value to many businesses globally. Even so, inefficient tracking and management of cloud resources lead to increased and out-of-control expenditures. The primary reason for this budget overrun is the inability to keep up with the constantly evolving cloud spend and AWS’ complex pricing structure.

When managing cloud spend becomes cumbersome and resource-intensive, organizations need the assistance of a specialist like CloudSaver to maximize their efficiency and savings in the cloud.

CloudSaver focuses on helping enterprise IT organizations take control of their cloud costs. Using its proprietary technology and extensive managed service capabilities, the company helps organizations unlock the true potential of their cloud resources without compromising on system security, stability, and performance. CloudSaver’s team of certified financial analysts and engineers are highly adept in devising cost optimization strategies by continuously monitoring cloud environments to eliminate unnecessary spend.

CloudSaver understands the need for better visibility into cloud expenditures and the need for better insight into the complex pricing models of cloud invoices. It has developed a platform of more than 30 proprietary cost optimization tools that can provide customized visibility into their clients’ infrastructure environment, including actionable dashboards and reporting that enhance their ability to capture value.

“Our proprietary tools can quickly identify unused resources, optimize compute sizes or even schedule your resources to automatically expand and shrink based on actual computing needs. Using our solutions, clients regularly experience a 30 to 50 percent savings in their cloud spend within the first year of engagement,” says Mark Williams, CEO of CloudSaver.

CloudSaver’s client onboarding begins with a cost-free assessment of the customer’s AWS environment. It involves analyzing resource, billing, and operational data to identify and quantify cost-saving opportunities. Once the data is gathered, the company designs a customized strategy to address the client’s unique requirements.

When CloudSaver’s cloud analysts identify a cost-saving opportunity, the recommendation is submitted to the client to approve, edit, or reject.
The company has a dedicated team of cloud engineers to help clients execute the recommended plan. Clients can schedule any action to automatically occur at the date and time they choose.

CloudSaver also continuously monitors clients’ cloud environments to identify new cost-saving opportunities. The company has a pricing model where customers can pay a percentage of the savings. This risk-free approach distinguishes CloudSaver in the industry as a result-guaranteed solution provider.

Our proprietary tools can quickly identify unused resources, optimize compute sizes, and even schedule your resources to automatically expand or shrink based on actual computing needs

CloudSaver’s portfolio of offerings enables it to cater to clients with complex cloud environments, including Fortune 500 companies and SMBs. For example, it helped iHeartRadio—a streaming radio platform that provides access to music, radio stations and podcasts— realize across-the-board savings of 33 percent on its AWS cloud spend and a remarkable 48 percent savings in relational database services.

iHeartRadio primarily relies on AWS for its business platform, and its media can be accessed by multiple devices across a variety of platforms. iHeartRadio realized that its years of aggressive development had created a sprawl of applications and approached CloudSaver to help control cloud spend. CloudSaver’s cloud review process began with an assessment of iHeart’s cloud usage and business needs which identified opportunities for restructuring and for cloud spend reduction. “CloudSaver organized and presented the data in a compelling and understandable manner, enabling us to effectively tackle the problem. They understand the cloud, we understand our business. It’s an ideal partnership,” says iHeartRadio.

The perfect balance of proprietary cloud optimization tools and deep industry expertise gives CloudSaver the competitive edge over its peers. With the rapid growth in cloud-based solutions, companies need specialists like CloudSaver to help them fully achieve the promise of the cloud.


Overland Park, KS

Mark Williams, CEO of CloudSaver

CloudSaver is a technology-enabled, cloud-managed service company that helps organizations fully benefit from AWS cloud offerings and manage their cloud spend. It has an extensive library of more than 30 proprietary cost optimization tools and combines best-in-class services to help clients Rein in their cloud spend.