CloudScreener: Making Every Cloud Investment Count

Anthony Sollinger, CEO
Global organizations are making a beeline to cloud adoption but comprehending the vast dynamics and complexity of today’s evolving hybrid cloud platforms such as AWS can be an arduous task. The diversified AWS portfolio and a plethora of factors influencing cloud performance tend to be challenging for organizations to decipher as they strive to find the right combination of compute, storage, and networking for their unique business needs. Additionally, varying prices of the different cloud technologies depending on a bevy of parameters add to the confusion. When Anthony Sollinger founded CloudScreener in 2012, the idea was to mitigate cloud adoption challenges for organizations of all sizes by thoroughly understanding the individual requirements of clients. With the capability to measure the performance, price, and service levels of complex hybrid cloud environments at a global level, CloudScreener excels as an onramp for over 140,000 companies to benefit from cloud computing. “We help AWS users demystify the extensive AWS catalogue of offerings to select the best cloud resource that meets their business needs,” says Sollinger, CEO, CloudScreener.

With its dedicated services for evaluation, assessment, and piloting of public and private cloud, CloudScreener helps AWS users make the most of their cloud strategy. The company supports clients to make informed decisions in buying virtual machines and storage. Besides, it also helps them in finding the best data center localization and the right pricing model.

“CloudScreener enables clients to optimize cloud infrastructure by comparing, selecting, and managing private and public cloud products,” notes Sollinger. Thus, companies gain a vantage point in finding the right cloud configuration for each of their deployment. This approach fosters greater control over cloud performance while reinforcing the trust between businesses and cloud vendor like AWS. The efficacy of CloudScreener lies in its ability to serve customers with cloud assessments for all major cloud service providers including AWS.

The force behind CloudScreener’s capabilities is its cloud comparison tool driven by decision support engine that allows decision makers and IT managers to identify the most appropriate solutions for each deployment, both in terms of estimated price and expected performance.

CloudScreener enables clients to optimize cloud infrastructure by comparing, selecting, and managing private and public cloud products

These comparison tools execute automated performance benchmarks across the cloud vendor data centers to evaluate and analyze cloud performance. The costs for various cloud offerings are calculated, compared, and analyzed for price and performance based on the pricing information gathered from cloud vendor APIs. “The decision engine delivers automated intelligent recommendation based on up-to-date data for choosing the most efficient and cost effective cloud infrastructure,” adds Sollinger.

Furthermore, CloudScreener’s enormous research and innovation efforts have resulted in the inception of Cloud Controller, a performance management tool that gives a real-time, accurate, and objective view of the service quality of public and private cloud infrastructures. It gives CIOs the ammunition of factual evidence and helps them stay on top of their continuous cloud connectivity challenges. “As a tailored business solution, Cloud Controller tests, measures, and analyzes the major service quality, performance indicators, and SLAs for cloud infrastructures continuously,” notes Sollinger.

As a trusted, vendor neutral third party, the future for CloudScreener lies in breaking the opacity in comprehending cloud services through valuable information and performance management tools for the private, public, and hybrid cloud solutions in the market. “On the whole, CloudScreener enables IT management to regain control of cloud performance and create a relationship of trust with the cloud service provider,” concludes Sollinger.


San Francisco, CA

Anthony Sollinger, CEO

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