CloudSmartHR: Tailoring Workday HR and Financial Systems to Business Needs

Chris Goumas, President
Workday is a game changer in managing the workforce and increasing productivity. Its implementation, however, can come with challenges pertaining to fixed workflows, limited customizations, time, cost and inexperienced implementation consultants. Enterprises must rope in a partner who can identify gaps in the existing workflow, map out a customization strategy, and help prevent delays and budget overruns.

CloudSmartHR is a consulting firm that specializes in Workday. If CloudSmartHR was not part of the clients-side team for the initial implementation, it comes in after a company has gone through the initial “launch” process—a generic implementation—and helps them customize Workday’s solutions to the more specific and granual needs of the organization.

CloudSmartHR leverages its deep expertise to assess a client’s requirements based on extensive information gathering through consultative dialogue and a review if the delivered Workday configuraton. Based on this information, it recommends changes, updates and improvements to better align the Workday configuraton with the day-to-day needs of the organization.

What sets CloudSmartHR apart from other firms is that they do not hire anyone with less than 4 years of Workday experience, may having up to 10 or 12 years. “We do not want our consultants training on our client’s dime,” says Chris Goumas, president at CloudSmartHR. With this background, CloudSmartHR team members suggest the dos and don’ts of a configuration roadmap, as opposed to following instructions without weighing the pros and cons, which is often the hallmark of a new launch implementation

“We configure Workday for the specific needs of client’s business processes. We help them with additional module features and integrations that may not be a part of the initial launch so the solution really starts to fit their company for the long term,” says Chris Goumas.

CloudSmartHR handles all of Workday, but specializes in servicing clients in biotech/healthcare, FinTech/financial services, Saas/Tech and retail/ CPG. It undertakes new implementations or small feature enhancements, staff augmentation and AMS/Ticketing. In addition, it takes care of full-time permanent staff sourcing, from permanent placements to helping interview and delivering high-quality candidates, checking that they have proper Workday credentials and the knowledge to meet client needs.
In various cases, when a Workday expert quits a client company, they need to cover various pieces of their Workday solution with an employee unfamiliar with the work. This is where CloudSmartHR comes in with its ticket work and mentorship (teach-to-fish), taking over and working on the tickets for those areas of the solution if the new employee doesn’t have a good background. Guiding them on the new areas of work, it mentors them to ultimately grow and take over the role the company needs them to handle. Since CloudSmartHR uses only senior staff, its ticketing solution is not a training ground for new consultants. This means that tickets are handled faster and with less client staff time used.

We configure Workday for the specific needs of the client’s business processes. We help them with additional module features and integrations that may not be a part of the initial launch so that the solution starts to fit their company for the long term

As Workday’s footprint expands with bi-annual new feature releases and new modules, considerable planning is required to generate ROI from it. CloudSmartHR helps its clients plan their way through and supports them with augmented staffing or managing the ticketing process initially before they hire full-time employees. It follows a policy of including only experienced Workday professionals in its team to proactively and maturely address client needs.

Its team members are deeply familiar with Workday implementation scenarios and can understand when veering away from the standard solution makes sense and how to do it. They act as a trusted advisor helping their clients to plan a roadmap for strategically growing Workday, and they have the expertise to suggest measures to round out the solution and make it more powerful.

With complete transparency in its client engagement, CloudSmartHR has built its credibility in the market and gets most of its customers through referrals and word of mouth, showing how much their clients trust and rely on them.


San Francisco, CA

Chris Goumas, President

Offers Workday project implementations, on-demand support, and staff augmentation services.