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Jim Zachman, President
With global markets growing more competitive and SMEs aiming for a global footprint, the financial services companies, including accounting and tax firms, require highly flexible, scalable, and reliable solutions to support these companies’ robust business. Backed by the vast experience in providing cloud hosted applications, Jim Zachman, President of Cloudvara, founded the company to improve accounting efficiency and outcomes by using the most cost-effective cloud technologies based on MS Azure and IBM Bluemix. Driven by the zeal to support the latest technology and solutions for its clients, Cloudvara delivers business continuity, scalable infrastructure, and proven results in the cloud-based accounting and SME application space.

The latest ‘Global SME Accounting Software Market Report 2018′ predicts that the entire SME business accounting arena will continue to expand, with Sage being one of the prominent company to support this growth. With multicurrency and Multilanguage options and its ability to work with third-party applications, Sage has been the go-to accounting solution partner for the fast-growing companies and large enterprises. Moreover native support for mobility and integration with other business software such as ERP, Sage provides a multitude of functionalities to companies and their accounting and finance teams spread globally. Cloudvara takes pride in dedicating significant resources with newer technology and delivery platforms to address the market requirements in relation to Sage. “We host clients’ systems and data on dedicated servers, so each of them has a unique server environment, IP address, operating system, and personalized permissions that are attuned to their requirements,” says Zachman. Supporting all the products available in the Sage suite of products, Cloudvara continues to invest in the technologies offered by the financial solutions expert.

Team Cloudvara differentiates in the Sage market with their unique strategy of a thorough and in-depth discovery process where they comprehend a client’s pain points and requirements. With insights into their strategic goals, mission, and vision, they spring into action to deliver a cost-effective, secure, and reliable cloud solution.

We host clients’ systems and data on dedicated servers, so each of them has a unique server environment, IP address, operating system, and personalized permissions that are attuned to their requirements

“Most often, clients look for an affordable third-party cloud hosting solution. To this end, we listen to them carefully and customize the accounting solution deployment based on their ‘wish list’,” says Zachman. The team also sets up integration with other business solutions such as ERP, Salesforce CRM, and myriad connected applications to improve accounting results. As expert professionals provide 24/7 support Cloudvara guarantees valued solutions and services. These services ensure intuitive and seamless cloud experience with zero downtime; indeed the peace of mind that the clients yearn for.

Cloudvara’s domain knowledge and technology experts have helped many companies overcome their process and functional limitations and achieve more significant benefits. In one instance, Outfitter Satellite, Inc. was using Sage accounting software when they decided to move to an all-Mac office. Without a version for Mac, they knew they had to resume with using Windows partially, to maintain Sage functionality. To tackle the shortcoming the company took Cloudvara on board. With Cloudvara they could host remote Windows desktops on their Mac systems, giving them the flexibility of having Sage accounting solution on their Mac systems.

Having a presence in both U.S. and many other multiple worldwide markets, Cloudvara is serving SMEs with solutions for a vast number of business areas, while having accounting and tax solutions at its core.


Los Angeles, CA

Jim Zachman, President

Cloudvara is a cloud service provider that delivers comprehensive suite of Sage accounting software solutions based on MS Azure and IBM Bluemix