Clover Wireless: Efficient Reverse Logistics for Mobile Devices

Bashar Nejdawi, CEO
The year 2014 marked a special year for mobile device manufacturers, with the number of active mobile phones outnumbering the human population that year. As newer models hit the market frequently, many people discard and buy new ones on a regular basis. The result is that there is a need for a very effective global supply-and-return chain for these devices to keep up with turnover and repair. Clover Wireless is one company that has positioned itself in the reverse logistics value chain, as a unique provider that offers comprehensive repair and reclamation services for mobile devices and other enterprises.

Clover Wireless recovers mobile devices, reclaims, repairs, and delivers them rapidly to customers. It also has a buyback/trade-in module to its business as well. Between repair and manufacturing, and buyback/trade-in, Clover Wireless has become a powerhouse in the mobile repair industry. Having acquired Valutech in 2012, it now has over 12,000 employees, handling more than 7 million devices per year.

Speaking on the key features of his company, and how Clover Wireless stands out of the crowd, Clover Wireless’ CEO, Bashar Nejdawi says, “The key component of what we do is the reclamation of parts in the repair process. Where many people just repair, we actually remanufacture the whole device with a key focus on reclamation.” In other words, extremely efficient reclamation is a critical competitive differentiator for Clover Wireless.

Reclamation is so integral to the business model of Clover Wireless that the company reclaims over 10 million parts annually. With these parts, the company is able to repair and remanufacture high-quality mobile devices, which it sends back to its customers very quickly. Clover Wireless’ customer base includes mobile device carriers, OEMs, retailers, insurance companies, and enterprises around the world.

Regarding the speed at which his company is able to repair and manufacture devices, Nejdawi says, “Turn-around time is critical, because mobile carriers need devices back as quickly as possible, otherwise they have to crack open new devices.”

Data privacy is essential in our business and we take that seriously

Ensuring affordability for its customers is central to the company’s core focus. Elaborating on this principle, Nejdawi also says, “These programs are very critical to our customers from a supply chain perspective, not just the availability of the devices, but also in having the right cost structure in place, to reduce the overall service expenditure.”

Ensuring compliant processes, Clover Wireless enforces strict data sanitization disciplines. “Data privacy is essential in our business and we take that seriously.” The teams begin by checking for the phone’s condition upon arrival, and based on it, it is disassembled and routed to the appropriate department for repair. Once the device is fixed, it is assembled back and tested according to the customer’s specifications and returned in full health. Considering the fact that mobile devices certainly will not be going away in the foreseeable future, Clover Wireless looks poised to continue to be a force to be reckoned with in the mobile repair industry.

Nejdawi has strong faith in his company and also, its employees. This is clear from the following statement made by him, “Our seasoned teams across the organization have high levels of technical knowledge, all the way from the management, down, through the organization hierarchy. We feel that this provides us with a competitive advantage in terms of our talent.” Clover Wireless is already the largest mobile device repair center in North America. If it continues to dominate this industry, it could one day be the largest in the world.

Clover Wireless

Hoffman Estates, IL

Bashar Nejdawi, CEO

Offers repair and reclamation services for mobile devices through an automated reverse logistics supply chain

Clover Wireless