Clustrix: Accelerating E-Commerce through Scale-Out SQL Database

Mike Azevedo, CEO & President
E-commerce businesses are going through a huge growth phase, unlikely to slow down in the next few years. With competitive influencers like multi-channel services, customer analytics, and social media pushing the need for a more flawless performance, the need for a flexible and powerful database has been identified. Clustrix assists e-commerce companies to increase their online storage capacity, sell more products, and take advantage of fast-growing mobile and social channels.

Based in San Francisco, CA, Clustrix’s first scale-out database is designed to meet the needs of large and expanding e-commerce sites. Be it a change in the user interface or the increase in the visitor traffic, Clustrix’s business critical applications have the capacity to support the website’s massive transaction volume. The company also caters to social media analytics, healthcare, and ad tech. “We provide a true cloud computing database that can grow and shrink on demand without impacting their users,” affirms Mike Azevedo, CEO and President, Clustrix.

The firm provides ClustrixDB, a SQL database engineered for the cloud that allows clients to boost revenue and customer loyalty by analyzing live performance metrics. ClustrixDB delivers higher revenue scale than MySQL and also includes powerful features like Fieldworks Language Explorer (FLEX). The software is the first enterprise database solution to be recognized by Magento as a MySQL substitute that meets the performance and availability demands of the client websites. ClustrixDB offers up to a five-time increase in Magento throughout, ensuring highly responsive sales and better shopping experience for the customers. The database software can be deployed in days, with few or no code changes and designed to be self-managing and runs on commodity hardware.Clustrix delivers high performance and reliability for e-commerce sites that can’t afford to slow down or crash, especially if during a sale.

ClustrixDB is a better alternative to complicated and expensive processes like sharding and replication and can be availed on any cloud and AWS marketplace.
With the help of the software, the clients can now withstand thousands of customers every hour, increase speed linearly and eliminate downtime and then flex down again after a seasonal peak if needed. ClustrixDB delivers higher performance and high reliability to e-commerce sites from day one.

We provide a true cloud computing database that can grow and shrink on demand without impacting their users

“Our scale-out approach allows companies to handle website traffic spikes with ease. Today, we support transactions in real-world production workloads backed by exceptional customer service with ClustrixDB,” claims Azevedo.

Having served various customers, Clustrix clientele includes AOL, nomorerack, Photobox, Rafter, Rakuten, and Symantec. For instance, a social networking site was unable to handle the excess load caused due to the rapidly increasing traffic and faced the risks of crashing. With the implementation of ClustrixDB, the client was able to run its entire website and accumulated its business-critical data, also effectively handled the linear growth in website traffic. The implementation of ClustrixDB into their system processes resolved and prevented scaling issues from the website. Whenever they needed capacity, they just added more nodes.

In order to roll out a more complete solution by next year, Clustrix plans to offer data warehouse analytics to make customer experiences more personalized than before. The database provider has recently tied up with Microsoft Azure to assist them with better performances of its e-commerce cloud customers present on Magento platform. The company is also currently working on a custom-made solution that can be employed by its B2B e-commerce clients to get an edge over their competitors.


San Francisco, CA

Mike Azevedo, CEO & President

Clustrix provides the leading scale-out SQL database engineered for the cloud and the first database built specifically to meet the revenue scaling, performance and availability demands of e-commerce sites.