CMA: Data-Centric Innovation Driving Strategic Results

Ken Romanski, President & Vice Chairman of the Board
Enterprise healthcare clients face many strategic challenges, including ever-evolving business requirements, policy reform initiatives, and limited budgets. Digital disruptions within healthcare also lead to unprecedented volumes of data from medical devices and systems that need to be organized, secured, stored, and analyzed. Healthcare clients have two sometimes conflicting objectives: achieving quality patient service and managing healthcare costs.

CMA supports these objectives by leveraging advanced healthcare analytics solutions combined with unparalleled IT and data platform performance. Their healthcare clients derive strategic value from the ability to consume, evaluate, and manage extremely large volumes of both structured and unstructured data. “CMA is organized, empowered and driven with a mission to enable healthcare institutions to unlock the value in their healthcare data,” says Ken Romanski, CMA President and Vice Chairman of the Board.

CMA delivers the optimum combination of advanced technology, process improvements, and experienced people to ensure a high quality healthcare data foundation that is readily accessible and highly secured. Their client’s transformed healthcare data supports all strategic analytic objectives and the data requirements of other systems within the client’s IT ecosystem.

CMA’s Secure Healthcare Analytics & Research Platform (SHARP) transforms data into actionable insights, supporting business objectives aimed at improving healthcare service delivery and controlling costs via payment reform. SHARP leverages several of CMA’s technology accelerators that reduce deployment time and risk, and deliver a great user experience.

For example, SHARP includes CMA’s Data Ingestion Suite (DI Suite), designed and developed to dramatically enhance data processing timeliness, high volume performance, and rapid availability to existing healthcare analytics solutions. The DI Suite is one of the fastest software solutions on the market for transporting and migrating structured and unstructured data to multiple industry-standard Big Data database platforms, including Oracle, Hadoop, and HP Vertica. “We can integrate DI into any source system, and rapidly move high volumes of data to any target, in an automated fashion,” says Brian Dougherty, CMA’s Chief Technical Architect.
In addition to analytics platforms for commercial Healthcare clients, CMA delivers comprehensive, enterprise-wide solutions for Medicaid, Child Welfare, WIC, and Early Childhood Intervention programs. “Our comprehensive solutions are the result of the company’s commitment to excellence in identifying and aligning IT Solutions with business goals,” says Romanski. For over 30 years, CMA has helped clients overcome their business challenges. In a recent example, CMA partnered with Verisk Health—a provider of enterprise analytics and reporting systems. Verisk was growing increasingly concerned about the costs of their legacy system and the difficulty gaining timely access to hundreds of associated databases. CMA assessed their environments and deployed the DI Suite to reduce data extraction, transport, and refresh durations by up to 90 percent.

Our vast solutions are a result of the company’s commitment to excellence in identifying and aligning IT Solutions with Healthcare business goals

In New York State, CMA is a strategic solution provider to the Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) program, continuing its long-standing support of the State’s Medicaid Redesign Team initiatives. “CMA has been a key partner, and through their work with the Medicaid Data Warehouse, worked 24/7 with the DOH and other partners to help us meet several aggressive milestones as we launched the DSRIP initiative in New York State,” said Jason Helgerson, Deputy Commissioner, Office of Health Insurance Programs, NYS Medicaid Director.

Looking forward, the company plans to expand their capabilities in addressing the growing need for complete IT solutions that integrate both structured and unstructured data and deliver highly available and highly secured content-specific healthcare analytics solutions to their clients. According to Romanski, “With the recent addition of industry-leading Healthcare professionals and Subject Matter Experts to our staff, CMA is well positioned to help our clients convert this massive amount of data into meaningful information needed to better manage their enterprise.”


Latham, NY

Ken Romanski, President & Vice Chairman of the Board

Uses a combination of technology, process, and experienced people to ensure clean, secure data that is well-organized and can integrate with other solutions