CN Utility Consulting: Unrivaled Understanding Of Industry Management

Derek Vannice, Vice President
The Utility Vegetation Management (UVM) industry is an industry in motion. With stakeholders ranging from community, investor and cooperative owned utilities and their suppliers and contractors, to regulators and industry organizations, there are many interests, opinions and information sources.

CN Utility Consulting, Inc. (CNUC), founded in 1999 and headquartered in Sebastopol, CA, is a highly experienced consulting and operations team with an unparalleled understanding of utility vegetation management (UVM) industry best management practices, and legal and regulatory requirements.

The company that provides a wide variety of products and services has developed a peerless understanding of UVM legal and regulatory requirements and industry best management practices since its inception. CNUC assists utilities in improving their UVM programs through utility arborists and foresters, turn-key UVM operations, quality assurance and control, and program and compliance reviews, often combined with software and LIDAR solutions. The company has a history of success improving UVM programs and serving the UVM industry in the regulatory arena, in legal proceedings, and through its groundbreaking UVM benchmarking studies. The firm also goes beyond operations, providing expert witness, industry analysis, legal and regulatory consulting, and the largest and most comprehensive UVM benchmarking service in North America and by these services, CNUC is committed to serving utilities, UVM service providers and other industry stakeholders.

The firm offers qualified field workforce pre-inspections, notification, line patrols, workload assessments and inventories, quality assurance audits of current work, or storm response. In addition to having all required tools and technology, CNUC Consulting Utility Foresters (CUFs) are trained and well versed on the latest techniques and current laws, regulations and standards to provide the most accurate and reliable field results.
CNUC offers the most current and vetted information in the industry to the customers to manage their program. The benchmarking survey gives statistically valid data on every aspect of the industry. CN Utility Consulting’s benchmarking service helps a utility company to compare its UVM program to its peers and serve the UVM industry as a whole by identifying trends, best practices, and research and development needs.

CNUC provides a full UVM program review or a review of a specific contract, program structure, process or problem that the customer identifies, such as distribution activities related to costs and customer service or transmission activities related to FAC-003 compliance issues. The full program helps to develop and submit an objective and fact-based assessment of the overall vegetation management program and the assessment comprises primarily of interviews, document evaluations, data analysis and onsite field assessments of existing practices. The firm offers support and guidance to help ensure compliance with a variety of services, including Compliance Reviews, Mock Audits, Field Assessments, and Audit Support. The firm provides court seasoned and certified experts for any legal or regulatory proceedings.

“We are interested in exploring more productive and accurate solutions for data collection to see what effect they might have on that cost and other factors, says, Derek Vannice, Vice President of Operations. “For electric utilities and other contractors, labor is always the highest cost in field data collection, he added.

CNUC has used up the last decade establishing itself in the Utility Vegetation Management (UVM) industry as “the” expert on all UVM related problems, practices, touchstones and needs. The driving and long lasting vision of the company “fully understand through a combination of factual data and experience on all aspects of the complex industry,” has a pivotal role in all the achievements of the company.

CN Utility Consulting

Sebastopol, CA

Derek Vannice, Vice President

Offers Utility Vegetation Management (UVM) industry management practices, legal and regulatory requirements.