CNXT EoE: Transaction Focused IoE Systems

Internet of Everything (IoE), regarded as the superset of IoT, is a common label modern enterprises as it integrates mobile devices with business intelligence—adopting a smarter approach to connectivity. According to Chris Pardo, Co-founder of CNXT, “In 2023, the majority of the global economies’ Gross Domestic Product (GDP) will be transferred through native mobile commerce platforms by creating a need to interlink both consumer desires and enterprise capabilities. One mobile commerce platform meshes these together on a digital worldwide economic ecosystem.”

These developments inspired Kollar and Pardo to lay the foundation of CNXT (ConnectNext)—a global enterprise IoE Platform as a service (PaaS) solutions provider. CNXT offers its PlatformPartners API agnostic, custom enterprise B2B:B2C native software solutions intelligently synched with its venue hardware products. With a range of transaction-focused IoE systems, CNXT enables a new monetization ecosystem fueled by data analytics and visualization tools, factoring actionable insights obtained within CNXT’s Economy of Everything (EoE) portal.

CNXT’s EoE ecosystem utilizes world-class hardware and software products and platforms to power its suite of B2B2C native enterprise first mobile only IoE solutions. The firm works with PlatformPartners to merge both sides of B2B2C needs into a tailored mobile commerce brand to consistently reduce the cost of doing business, customer in-venue/online friction and maximize earnings and service capabilities, while minimizing time spent running business.

One of CNXT’s core EoE solutions, CNXTPay, which is the firm’s mobile payment terminal, enables payment from, or into, existing credit, debit or investment brokerage accounts. “With CNXTPay, we enable users to transact across the industries, companies, products and services with the security of quantum encryption,” Pardo adds.

The firm also triangulates its hardware sensors and geo-fence into an in-venue security and/or mobile commerce platform, called CNXTSense. CNXTSense is a 24/7, smart, Wi-Fi and camera embedded sensory network installed in homes, offices, or hotels to seamlessly communicate with users in app, at a scheduled or on-demand basis through one platform.

We focus on activation of not yet activated scalable recurring revenue sources, automation of existing day-to-day processes across all tiers of PlatformPartner’s business system and relationships maximizing earnings and service capabilities

The firm’s supply chain portal, CNXTChain is Blockchain powered and scalable to 2,000,000 messages/Writes every 3 seconds, per public or private chain.

Additionally, the firm offers the CNXTProjectO Product bundle, an in-venue HD4K streaming digital signage solutions for Windows and or Walls with content controlled in or out of venue from its native mobile management system. One core use case is automotive retailers as they have large window and wall canvas able to host the custom digital canvases, with the contents controlled internally. This helped retailer’s implement on Window or Wall solutions to reduce costs of venue Maintenance, increase top line revenue, while tailoring the product/services being promoted to current strategic initiatives.

Forging ahead, the firm will announce its new mobile commerce platform in Asia and Europe through various smart city or country alliances. Working with the local governments and businesses to actualize a unified purpose of increased safety, value and profit through the citizen base represents a largely untapped opportunity.


Chicago, IL

Jeff Kollar Co-Founder and Chris Pardo Co-Founder

Provides PlatformPartners with the most additive connected hardware product bundles and productive mobile software solutions across its cloud based FinTech, IoT, CognitiveCommerce and Blockchain ecosystem layers