CoSolutions, Inc.: Drivers of Operational Excellence

Donald Plebuch, SVP
Today’s Federal IT landscape is on a transformational journey to facilitate infrastructure modernization of mission-critical operations to extend an enhanced user experience. However, delivering a competitive advantage for the Federal sector in the Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) landscape is not an easy task. It requires extensive know-how about Government rules and regulations and the foresight to execute the right task at the right time to garner the maximum ROI.

As a premier and growing Federal IT Services contractor, CoSolutions is well-positioned to deliver high-quality and trusted IT services to Federal customers across different areas including national defense, infrastructure security, information management, and IT operations and maintenance.

CoSolutions, in partnership with the Department of Navy, successfully matured the Navy’s Global Distance Support Center (GDSC), the Navy’s largest service desk operations, to achieve the Help Desk Institute’s coveted Support Center [of Excellence] certification. “It is an industry standard certification which reflects on our organization’s commitment to service excellence,” says Donald Plebuch, Senior Vice President of CoSolutions. Plebuch explained further that the process entailed alignment of the Center’s operations with the Navy mission, where the Navy’s “311 Business Rules” pertaining to their system of help desks had to be taken into consideration for the Navy’s ITSM implementation, at the same time, maximizing business and operational efficiency.

CoSolutions partners with its Federal customers to improve their mission operations and reduce their Total Cost of Ownership through effective management of their complete IT lifecycle. By hiring mission experienced service agents and promoting their career development, our enterprise service desk support teams aggressively drive first call resolution (currently 82.4 percent for the Navy) and Tier 1 call closure (currently 93.2 percent for the Navy), thereby avoiding the high costs of escalations to Tier 2 (5x) or Tier 3 (10x). For the Navy, CoSolutions is unifying numerous disparate service desks supporting functions such as payroll, personnel, supply logistics, and educational assistance into a single Navy-wide enterprise service desk. “We are also aligned with the Navy’s tactical and strategic objectives in the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) framework,” adds Plebuch. The association has resulted in significantly improved operational efficiencies, increased productivity, optimized performance, lower costs, and ultimately enhanced service delivery to Navy Sailors.

CoSolutions aims to design industry-leading technology solutions and provide high-quality services to help customers realize their mission’s success

To comprehend the Navy’s business in a better way, CoSolutions collaborates with Government agencies to form cross-functional teams consisting of Government personnel and key contract personnel. CoSolutions’ ITSM staff hold ITIL service certifications to facilitate better integration and communication across the supported stakeholders. Over 85 percent of the firm’s staff is certified to Help Desk Institute (HDI) standards for ITSM programs reflecting the level of knowledge required for specific roles, ranging from Service Center Analysts to Knowledge Management Specialists to Support Center Managers.

CoSolutions assesses the business operations and ensures that they establish robust service level agreements with performance measures and organizational level agreements delineating integration and reporting with other organizations responsible for collaborating ITIL service management activities. The firm also establishes an aggressive continuous improvement culture with an emphasis on training and development.

CoSolutions’ array of IT services includes managing infrastructure and computing facilities that help military and Government agencies improve IT performance and secure their networks against cyber threats. It also includes supervision of the operations and applications along with offering diagnosis and remediation for optimal operations.

For the road ahead, CoSolutions aims to design industry-leading technology solutions and provide high-quality services to help customers drive down operating costs and better realize their mission’s success. “We are planning to double our growth by providing highly efficient IT services to our customers, who are predominantly the DoD, the Intelligence Community, and Homeland Security,” concludes Plebuch.

CoSolutions, Inc.

Sterling, VA

Donald Plebuch, SVP

Headquartered in Sterling, VA, CoSolutions is a Federal IT services contractor. The firm is well-positioned to enable trusted and high-quality IT services to federal and general consumers across various sectors including infrastructure security, IT maintenance and operations, defense and information management. The high-quality IT services by CoSolutions, play a pivotal role in supporting its government customer’s mission-critical needs. The wide range of services by the firm include IT service management, help-desk and enterprise service desk management, IT operations support, cyber security support, software or systems engineering, and program management office support (pmo)

CoSolutions, Inc.