Codecraft Works: Where Computer Science Learning is Fun

Shannon Landin, Co-Founder and CEO
When a child is extremely active and has tremendous energy, parents take them to the soccer field to focus their energy towards something productive. When a child is immersed in digital devices, watching videos or playing games, what can a parent do? Shouldn’t their interest be refocused like that of the soccer player? Shannon Landin has answered that questioned by founding Codecraft Works; an EdTech company aimed at creating value from student’s interest in technology and the global need for a deep STEM talent. Shannon, a technology pioneer and entrepreneur, believes that with proper access to a laptop, high-tech learning tools, and qualified mentors, students can become creators rather than just consumers. Codecraft has designed a curriculum using hands-on STEM powered projects, and powerful play to teach students and educators the skills and core concepts surrounding computer science and software engineering. “The Codecraft technology innovation brings stakeholders together in learning, creating, and delivering computer science concepts,” says Shannon, Founder and CEO, Codecraft.

Codecraft offers school clubs as well as labs and camps at their Space Coast headquarters in Melbourne, FL. Each course is designed with the student in mind and lead by Codecraft certified educators and instructors. The community of educators leveraging the Codecraft platform can decide how best to bring the curriculum and lessons to their students, which may be in the form of an elective course or a vocational component of a school offering.

In an instance, a student was struggling to fit in at school and to find her future. Codecraft introduced her to cybersecurity coding lessons, which proved to be an applied approach to mathematics. As a result of those lessons, the student not only graduated from high school with flying colors, but also was hired as an intern by a national firm, making significant money even before pursuing her college degree.

Our daily life, economies, and national security depend on having a strong and skilled STEM workforce

Among its other offerings, Codecraft invites teaching enthusiasts with diverse backgrounds such as mechanical engineering, education and even currently enrolled university students, to participate in Codecraft instructor certification courses, learn, and eventually teach coding. With continuous sharing the Codecraft community has become an extension of the courses with its collection of innovative programming projects, resources, conversations, and participants.

Codecraft’s co-creation platform and community enables people from all industries to come together and co-create learning projects and examples inspired by the computer science course material offered. As a result, students not only benefit from their instructors’ wisdom but because the platform itself acts as a community for co-creation and curation of real-world examples, there are cross-curricular benefits as well. Codecraft arranges for conversations with technology mavens and institute professionals who can also join the company’s platform to share their understanding of the importance of STEM, and helping to widen the talent pipeline.

Codecraft is relentlessly working to present the most reliable and robust platform experience for its stakeholders and is is planning to extend its partnership to include industry leaders, who are focused on computer science, software engineering or cyber security to engage and empower the nation’s educators and students. “We can already witness that the success of students and educators is reshaping the conversation around technology,” concludes Shannon.

Codecraft Works

Melbourne, FL

Shannon Landin, Co-Founder and CEO

An educational technology company powering hybrid computer science, engineering, and cybersecurity curriculum for students and educators

Codecraft Works