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Harsha Subasinghe, CEO
Technological innovations are driving the travel and hospitality sector to undergo dramatic improvements across process automations, merchandising capabilities, cruise itineraries, and multi-channel global distributions. By contrast, “many travel organizations still show reluctance in adopting new technologies due to the apprehensions of strategic failures,” begins Harsha Subasinghe, CEO, CodeGen. Turning these skeptics to believers, the UK based CodeGen offers a string of web-based solutions to orchestrate business processes for tour operators, airlines, hotels, cruise lines, and DMC firms.

“We leverage several fact sheets, statistics, whitepapers, and consultation services to persuade and encourage the firms to embrace technology,” says Subasinghe. Founded in 1999, CodeGen provides proven, agile, and proprietary travel technology for the industry to gain seamless connectivity and end-to-end process management. CodeGen acts as a “problem solver” for the tourism space. The firm delivers TravelBox, a suite of powerful applications to automate workflow, inventory, bookings and pricing strategy for any travel or tourism product. With its modular design, powerful functions, scalable architecture and easy-to-use interface, TravelBox supports accessing hotels, flights, transfers and other products from suppliers anywhere in the world. “Our solution acts as harbinger of business growth by reducing operational costs, enhancing online propositions, increasing considerable revenues of the companies.”

CodeGen invests heavily in R&D and understands the true requisites of its customers. The company’s TravelBox Surf is one such multi-device web application that incorporates diversification and client personalization to present intelligent holiday propositions and post booking management facilities. “Our platform facilitates enterprise to extract the most relevant content present within the vast ocean of information through ‘CustomerFit’ option,” states the CEO. Such easy-to-use and flexible options bolster the CodeGen’s market stature as a problem mitigator for numerous clientele spread across globe.

In one such instance, an esteemed travel group who wanted to modify the schema of their travel packages capitalized on the technology services offered by CodeGen to accomplish them.

We wish to play key role in taking the AI to a whole new level in the travel landscape

The client faced impediments with switching from traditional travel packages to dynamic packages—that takes customized needs of travelers into consideration. “The client relied on our dynamic software in TravelBox to create value-based dynamic packages for their end-customers,” evinces Subasinghe.

Such success saga reflects CodeGen’s ability to pave way for the customer’s victory besides clinching milestones in its own business territory. As such, the company gold marked its business tenacity last year when it bagged ‘Technology Team of the Year’ during Travolution Awards. “We take pride on our 250 plus highly-skilled IT professionals who ascribe to continuous innovation to incorporate incremental breakthrough enhancements in our products,” he extols.

With this, the CEO looks back at the past, and recollects, “With what started as a small software company has now snowballed into a large global firm, with offices spread over two continents.” The company also steps into the realm of Mechatronics through its fully electric supercar project “Vega” which will be the first of its kind to be built in this part of the world where all the R&D comes out of CodeGen and its skilled team of engineers, this is a testament of the talent pool that CodeGen has invested in and the boundaries they are crossing in terms of innovation.

“People’s travel preferences are evolving, and so are the expectations for more valued and enriched experiences during journeys,” asserts Subasinghe. Moving in line with fulfilling such expectation, the company aims to infuse the cutting edge technologies it’s mastering into its software to create smarter solutions. “We wish to play key role in taking Artificial Intelligence to a whole new level in the travel landscape.”


London, UK

Harsha Subasinghe, CEO

CodeGen provides powerful and comprehensive travel software solution