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Brad Rukstales, President & CEO
It was in early 2002, that Brad Rukstales armed with a refurbished laptop, launched Customer Asset Consulting Group with an aim to deliver a well integrated customer experience. En route a long history of helping brands understand who their customers are, and how best to engage them to increase sales, CAC Group becomes a parent company, and Cogensia is born. “We have been on the forefront of custom data integration solutions from CRM and transaction systems, to web, email, mobile, and third party data systems,” adds Rukstales. “Our Customer Management Platform (CMP) provides not just data integration, but analytic integration and channel integration as well.” Cogensia offers a 360 degree view of the customer—gained by integrating disparate data sources into an intelligent, customized platform that delivers relevant communications.

Cogensia’s CMP predicts and responds to customer preferences in real-time through multi-channel dynamic execution. The cloud based infrastructure allows users to reach their customer anywhere and at any time utilizing trigger marketing as well as promotional campaigns. With the platform’s real-time capabilities, verification, scoring, and segmentation, customers can manage optimization of omni-channel marketing programs and dynamic personalized content. All of this leads to communications that are more efficient and highly relevant, which increases the value of the customer base resulting in higher ROI through increased response and retention rates. “Cogensia makes sense of customer data with best in class data integration technology through CMP’s Data Touch module,” adds Rukstales.

Data Touch is Cogensia’s onboarding tool that configures the internal data to the needs of customer management. This includes building unique/custom identifiers, converting transactional data into a useable data layer for analysis and applications, and importing into the CMP. “Data sources used for integration include POS systems, finance and accounting, e-commerce, web log files, email and social—we custom-configure for unique data during the Data Touch module configuration, which accommodates other data sources as well,” adds Rukstales.

We custom-configure for unique data during the Data Touch module configuration, which accommodates other data sources as well

Data Touch identifies the source data, integrates, schedules update cycles and manages all manipulations and integrations seamlessly. The result is a complete profile of interactions, history, and demographics for all customers, and channel engagement, so that the best marketing actions can be determined for each customer profile. The company also customizes integration using a mix of their own integration modules and external data.

In an example highlighting the expertise of Cogensia, Rukstales explains how a telecommunications company leverages Data Touch to drive sales. By integrating data sources and connecting the data with predictive analytics, Cogensia enables customer level and contact level nurture streams to increase engagement and prevent attrition. This data-driven strategy connects marketing automation, CRM, call center, and web to deliver differentiated, targeting experiences. This ensures timely and relevant communications are being presented across channels as part of a holistic, coordinated marketing strategy.

Cogensia has clients that use legacy systems and others that use bleeding-edge solutions. The company offers solutions that work with anything from flat files being delivered over SFTP to real-time webhooks and APIs. Cogensia’s CMP helps clients increase customer engagement through marketing automation, multi-sourced data integration, and integrated customer analytics and insights. “Much of our roadmap is based on continued evolution of the CMP. Right now it can be used for cross-channel acquisition and customer communication. For the future we want to advance with the technology and offer more uniqueness to our customers,” concludes Rukstales.


Schaumburg, IL

Brad Rukstales, President & CEO

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