Cognilytics: Faster Analysis of Big Data for Incremental Revenue Generation Insights

Growing revenue, profit and market share in today’s marketplace requires advanced predictive analytics solutions with agility that can leverage the Big Data that most enterprises are deluged with. Executives and business managers need to quickly and accurately leverage predictive analysis across a variety of problems. Cognilytics is a global Big Data Advanced Analytics solution Provider with a mission to monetize data as a strategic asset. “We offer pre-packaged solutions to industry-specific business problems for our customers by combining the power of the predictive analytics with enterprise scalability and whatif” orchestration through our Decision Analyzer platform,” says Gary Gauba, Chairman and CEO of Cognilytics. The company provides unique solutions built around advanced predictive analytics and in-memory database technologies across a variety of verticals including banking, insurance, retail, consumer products, healthcare, and manufacturing. Strategic partnerships include SAP, SGI, Cisco, HP, Intel, Cloudera, Virtustream and Revolution Analytics.

Cognilytics leverages its Decision Analyzer platform and industryspecific applications to solve key business problems

Cognilytics’ Decision Analyzer is a platform for executing predictive models on high-performance computational environments such as Hadoop, SAP HANA, and SGI UV. The platform provides pre-packaged industry-specific problem solutions for several industries including financial services, cyber and physical security, retail, healthcare, and manufacturing. For example, in the financial services space, the platform is able to address key credit risk predictions that are used to fulfill regulatory requirements for portfolio stress testing.
The explosion in the amount of data that companies can leverage to make informed decisions about their business has generated the need for new algorithms, new technology, and a new breed of data scientist who can bring together the right components to solve hard problems. “Cognilytics leverages its Decision Analyzer platform along with the right data science offerings to create industry-specific applications to solve key problems such as HR analytics, predictive asset maintenance, credit default prediction, marketing analytics, customer segmentation, demand forecasting, supply chain optimization and ppredicting recurrence, progression rates and mortality rates for chronic diseases to name a few. Therefore, Cognilytics is able to offer its customers a robust foundation for their Big Data and Advanced Analytics solutions,” explains Gauba.

Cognilytics maintains a strong competency within the predictive analytics space built on sophisticated statistical, Neural Networks, Dynamic Bayesian Networks, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning methodologies. Cognilytics leverages cutting edge machine learning algorithms including “Deep Learning” to solve problems such as anomaly detection, signal detection, and change-point identification.

Cognilytics also offers end-to end “Data To Decisions” consulting services including enterprise information management, visualization, data warehousing, in-memory computing and predictive analytics to deliver comprehensive Big Data and Advanced Analytics solutions to customers. Cognilytics utilizes its core offerings to help clients find key insights and trends within their data, thereby enabling better business decision making, driving top line revenue, bottom-line uplift, operational excellence, risk mitigation, and regulatory compliance.

The products and services provided by Cognilytics will continue to help their customers make the journey from descriptive to predictive to prescriptive analytics, thereby enhancing their ability to drive significant value from Big Data. “We are excited about strengthening our role as the Big Data partner ofchoice for our customers through the combination of our products, business knowledge, strong data and decision science capabilities, and deep technology expertise,” concludes Gauba.


San Jose, CA

Cognilytics is a global Big Data &Advanced Analytics Solution Provider with a mission statement to help clients monetize data as a strategic asset.