Cognitive Box: Deriving Success through Customer Relationship Management

Shaun Doyle, President & CEO
The keystone to success for enterprises in the current marketplace is effective utilization of customer information. Customer databases are a unique corporate asset that can be used to gain a sustainable competitive edge. This is especially true today with the introduction of big data technologies and analytics. With a clear idea on how to drive business value through customer intelligence, Shaun Doyle founded Cognitive Box, an analytical CRM consulting firm.

Based in Stonington, CT, Cognitive Box provides vendor independent, business and technical consulting services to blue chip organizations in the U.S. and Europe. The company helps its clients monitor customer activity and preferences, and to augment sales forecasts, which aid in measuring the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. “Our focus is on helping clients to exploit customer data to drive business value with a specialist in the use of advanced predictive analytics,” says Shaun Doyle, President & CEO, Cognitive Box.

The company’s services range from Business strategy, Business and Technical Requirements definition, High Level Solution Design, Business Case Development, Request for Information (RFI) and Request for Proposal (RFP) management, SME Support for Detailed Design and Build, Benefits realization planning and Organization and Process Design. Cognitive Box dwells in the area of Customer orientated Data Warehousing Design, Customer Identity Management, Master Data Management (logical and physical), Data Mart Design, Campaign Management, Real Time Decision Engines, Predictive Analytics and Optimization, Customer Relationship Management and Sales and Marketing Measurement.

Our focus is on helping clients to exploit customer data to drive business value with a specialist in the use of advanced predictive analytics

“We have learned from many years of experience that unless an organization owns the delivery of a solution, it is doomed to fail. Providing large teams of consultants to deliver a project is, fundamentally flawed. At Cognitive Box we have a dedicated team of highly experienced consultants who know their subject inside out, and have the scars of experience to ensure that our customers do not go through painful learning experiences,” says Doyle. Unlike other run-of-the-mill players, the company assists its clients with a distinctive approach. “Adding to our impartial vendor advice, we help augment the client’s internal team, along with providing structure and expertise in project delivery, and supporting clients through the process from vision creation to benefits realization,” asserts Doyle.

Since 2002, Cognitive Box has been serving finance, gaming and hospitality, cable and telecommunications, and media and entertainment sectors by providing them with solutions across real time data warehousing and customer relationship management. For instance, Cognitive Box helps its clients create a clear vision for the use of customer data across various marketing channels, and then helps them select the right vendors and deliver the envisioned solution. The company works with its clients to exploit a s s e t s and drive new business value through changes in business processes and aligned organizational structures. The company’s illustrious clientele includes majors such as Time Warner Cable, Sirius XM, vistaprint and Univision.

Moving forward, Cognitive Box continues to support its global clients and help guide them through all the hype around big data, ensuring that they stay focused on driving material business value and leveraging the most appropriate technology for their organizations. “We continue to focus on creating business success for our clients by ensuring our clients have a clear strategy, a well defined road map for delivery, and a solid benefits realization plan,” asserts Doyle.

Cognitive Box

Stonington, CT

Shaun Doyle, President & CEO

A Customer Relationship Management consulting firm, helping companies derive business value from their customer data base.