Cognizant Digital Media Services Practice: Inventive Technologies Powering Digital Supply Chain

Nirav Patel, Head of Global Markets- Media and Entertainment
In what promises to be two hours of entertainment from a Hollywood blockbuster, existing backstage, there run extensive optimization operations across the entire film value chain. Headquartered in Teaneck, NJ, Cognizant’s Digital Media Services (DMS) Practice’s initial focus was the Hollywood Studios where the company’s trusted advisory position has helped facilitate digital transformation for over 8 years. The unique knowledge garnered in architecting complex production, marketing and distribution workflows for feature films and episodic content, equipped Cognizant to successfully design solutions and services in other media and entertainment areas including broadcasting, publishing, music and gaming.

Evolving capabilities in Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Media Asset Management (MAM), Content Management, and the continuing growth of Social Media require companies in all verticals to rethink their existing content strategies in a new world of connected media. Cognizant’s DMS Practice helps enterprises optimize their content workflows for work in progress and finalized asset distribution across new and exciting channels. The DMS Practice works with clients to enable Over the Top Services, automated packaging and distribution of content for EST (Electronic Sell Through)/ VOD (Video on Demand) and migration of legacy architectures to new cloud services to incremental growth. enable

"At Cognizant’s Digital Media Lab, current and pre-release technologies are tested prior to application at customer sites"

In the DAM space, the DMS Practice’s service offerings include: strategic consulting around roadmap and ROI (Return on Investment), digital media and asset lifecycle management, content distribution, workflow re-engineering, and rights management.

Cognizant’s Digital Supply Chain solution supported end-to-end scenarios for manufacturing, packaging, delivery, billing, reporting, and managing requests and digital assets. The key goal of the solution was to provide systematic automation from ingestion through distribution by connecting best-of-breed components in a flexible service-oriented architecture.

Noticeable among the DMS Practice’s several Intellectual Property differentiators is the dedicated Digital Media Lab, where current and pre-release technologies are tested prior to application at customers and the Digital Media Framework, which is an architectural blueprint that takes a DAM solution from workgroup to enterprise level in a proven way.The multifaceted clientele encompass all major Hollywood studios, several of the U.S. and Europe’s largest broadcasters, publishers and Fortune 500 companies spanning multiple industries including, life sciences, retail, consumer products and hospitality.The “customer 360-degree” strategy followed by Cognizant enables organizations to create consistent digital experiences across every touch point in their ecosystem.

Establishing a certified System Integrator status with many of the top-quadrant DAM and CMS providers in the industry has enabled Cognizant to keep abreast of new technologies and shape future products with feedback gained from real-world implementations. The vision for the practice is summed up in the words of Nirav Patel, Head of Global Markets for Media & Entertainment practice at Cognizant: “As one of the most disruptive industries that is getting challenged by the changing landscape of consumer technologies including Mobile & Cloud, our next wave of growth is towards positioning Cognizant as a tier-1 player servicing the top Media & Entertainment companies across the globe.”


Teaneck, NJ

Nirav Patel, Head of Global Markets- Media and Entertainment

Technology and strategy provider for Digital Asset Management and Digital Workflow Automation.