Coherent Solutions: Customized Web Applications through Java

Igor Epshteyn, CEO
With high-soaring data security breaches, today’s developers are more careful in encrypting new software on a language platform. Java software development platform ensures data protection at central servers and enables clients to rely on web application security. However, the platform also has its short-coming in slow performing SQL that affects the application performance adversely. Coherent Solutions, a Minneapolis based company provides custom software development solutions to help clients tackle complexities while building cost-effective commercial grade software. “At Coherent Solutions, we understand that clients want to maintain full control over the IP assets they have entrusted to us. Our comprehensive security policies are designed with this in mind,” begins Igor Epshteyn, CEO of Coherent Solutions.

Coherent Solutions provides application development services that integrate mobile applications with cross-platform functionality to bring servers or cloud to the device. “Coherent Solutions is adept at full lifecycle development to create, integrate, and leverage features in Java web applications and enterprise architectures for improved business results,” opines Epshteyn. “Our team has experience with Java messaging technology (JMS) implementations such as ActiveMQ and JBoss Messaging and also with portal technologies such as Liferay,” says Epshteyn. Coherent Solutions utilizes best of breed Application Lifecycle Management tools to improve the quality and visibility of the product in the software development process.

Another solution offered by the firm is the mobile application development that harnesses rapid-changing mobile technology and helps clients to achieve their business goals. Clients can share sensitive data securely and enhance the existing business process with mobile-ready content. As the service support diverse mobile platforms, both employees and vendors are able to communicate effortlessly. “Our team has extensive experience developing various kinds of applications including web, cloud, single-page, mobile, and integration solutions,” beams Epshteyn. Coherent Solutions’ wide range access to resource and training facilitates better assistance to the clients in running and managing applications in the cloud.

Coherent Solutions is adept at full lifecycle development to create, integrate, and leverage features in Java web applications and enterprise architectures for improved business results

“Along with Java, our team of software developers also works with a wide range of open source IoT service platform and Business intelligence tools like Jasper and Pentaho. We also create custom reports using XSL-FO and iText,” assures Epshteyn.

The firm’s software development solution was employed by Uponor, a Finnish manufacturer of under floor heating systems, to make their Climate Control Network (CCN) software more robust and scalable. Uponor’s CCN was conceived as a way for home-owners to adjust the indoor temperature through its website. By utilizing Coherent Solutions’ services, the client successfully finished the project in nine months and under the predetermined budget along with an enhanced capacity of the new CCN system which was able to heat up 10,000 homes and have scaled up in the European market.

“We bring products and complex Java web applications to market faster and continue to grow, as we deliver to build business solutions and not just functional software,” says Epshteyn.

Coherent Solutions considers expanding their services to make it more streamlined and plans to incorporate new features to enrich the client’s experience. “We want to improve our way of software development by bringing together global expertise, innovation, and creativity. Our team looks forward to be a part of more successful projects and deliver our clients on time and on budget,” concludes Epshteyn.

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Igor Epshteyn, CEO

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