COINS Global: Integrated Platforms For Project Lifecycle Management

CIO VendorLarry Sullivan, Co-Founder & Chairman
Designed to support the core business processes of ‘winning’ and ‘performing’ projects, COINS empowers commercial and engineering contractors with a single, fully integrated platform to manage the entire project lifecycle.

COINS helps in identifying strategies to manage contracts and budgets, creating configurable structures that relate cost tracking to real world project management of the project. Original and revised budgets are held in detail and form the basis for tracking costs, revenue, quantities and cash. With all communications and changes tracked and recorded, the project progress is monitored against the schedule, providing detailed completion forecasts and estimated completion costs available in real time. COINS improves productivity by minimizing redundant data entry and provides easy accessibility of project information.
Dashboards help focus on key performance indicators, while automated alerts enable project managers update on changes that will affect the success of their projects.

Integrated cost management and reporting solution from COINS, produces faster monthly reports, improves consistency, control and communication, eliminates duplication and enables proactive management of development issues.

COINS Business Intelligence (BI) tools delivering enhanced insights into vital revenue; cost and performance data; create vital metrics to support business decision-making. Sales managers can review detailed activity at each development, using unambiguous factual data to make their assessments.

With a clientele spread of 50,000 users across 36 countries, COINS global team’s incremental knowledge offers clients a blend of consultancy, construction software solutions and services that deliver measurable results.


Latham, NY

Larry Sullivan, Co-Founder & Chairman

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