Collabera: Helping Clients Align Their IT Strategy With Business Goals

CIO VendorRaj Mamodia, CEO
Since its inception in 2009, with its headquarters in Aliso Viejo, CA, Alternative Technology Solutions has been providing software and consulting services to manufacturing and distribution companies. The company helps customers increase their ERP investments, while reducing their implementation costs. With a customer-centric philosophy that begins with a deep dive into understanding its clients’ business, Alternative reduces the decision-making effort by implementing the core functionality required, leaving only the fine-tuning up to the customer. The mission of the company is to build long-term relationships through delivering services and solutions that help customers to evolve to their full potential.

With more than 75 years of combined ERP experience, the company knows where the pain points are, how to address them and find solutions. Alternative’s experience encompasses Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Supply Chain Management services offering a full range of functional, technical, project management and business services. The company provides full implementation and technology consulting for Epicor ERP and Salesforce CRM in a variety of markets.

The key solutions the company empowers manufacturers and distributors to streamline sales processes from customer inquiry to quote, connects integration tool that delivers automated data transfer with rapid implementation times, and focuses on eliminating waste and reducing the time between a customer's order and delivery.
Combining years of in-house experience with Epicor and Salesforce, Alternative’s team provides adaptive, cost-effective technology consulting services for small to mid-size companies. The company assists its customers in developing quick, agile and innovative processes that help them lower costs, reduce risk and evolve with ever-changing business requirements, industry trends and market demands.

The company endeavors to understand a client’s most critical IT needs and align its services and solutions accordingly

The company believes that when customers are treated with competent service and care, a powerful business relationship is formed that benefits both sides. This philosophy is the foundation based on which Alternative addresses customers and their challenges in implementing ERP, CRM or other software. “I am very happy with the creative solution that ATP came up with to keep my practice management data in sync with my Salesforce database. Their alternative has saved me both time and money. I also appreciate their responsiveness to my communications and requests,” says David Michael, Chairman of North Shore Pediatric Therapy, commenting on his experience working with Alternative Technology Solutions.

Alternative's team of expert consultants and representatives are located throughout the United States and Mexico. Its strategic locations throughout North America allow it to better support its customers in many key regions.


Morristown, NJ

Raj Mamodia, CEO

Delivering highly responsive and innovative solutions that help clients align their IT strategy with business goals