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John Williams, CSO
QMS solutions are moving rapidly in the direction of mobile access to real time data for data entry, bar-code scanning, geo-tag locations and reporting. This requires an entirely new infrastructure approach and set of policies related to data acquisition and management. It is important to recognize that QMS is more than a sum of the various technologies employed. Organizations face challenges in implementing QMS solutions as the process is influenced by an organization’s culture and the capacity of the organization to accept change. “Many of our clients have existing ingrained processes that may not be optimally documented or captured, which leads to the entire organization’s dissimilar understanding of the approach or implementation details,” says John Williams, CSO, Collaborative Consulting. “Accepting change allows the organizations to mature and enhance their capabilities,” he adds. Collaborative Consulting, headquartered in Burlington, MA, has a unique approach to overcome these challenges and embeds its resources within the client organization or team to capture the “tribal knowledge” in a manner that is understandable and actionable by the organization.

Collaborative takes a best-of-breed approach to designing a green-field QMS solution or maturing an existing, aging solution for the benefit of the entire business. “We identify opportunities for our clients to mature their processes where it makes sense from a core-competency perspective or eliminate and outsource those processes that are not aligned with the company’s expertise,” says Williams. Collaborative’s experienced teams are prepared to implement solutions from multiple technical footprints, knowing that the company has access to its partner’s solutions often before they are ready for the consumer.

The QA Automation services offered by Collaborative help companies empower their clients to understand and capitalize upon opportunities which automate quality assurance tasks and processes.
Collaborative develops automation solutions for a number of clients, who are at various maturity levels in the quality continuum. “Companies look to Collaborative to enhance and mature their existing automation practices by bringing best-of-breed approaches to the specific tools and technologies currently implemented,” states Williams.

Collaborative is partnered with some of the best and brightest companies to offer distinctive solutions and services to clients. The firm enables its clients to get business value faster than they would on their own because of its strategic relationships and early access to features and capabilities. “With each of our partners we look to build comprehensive workflows that a customer can implement quicker, while meeting their specific needs,” says Williams.

Collaborative has assisted many clients in curbing their business challenges while delivering incremental enhancements to them. In one instance, a leading American biopharmaceutical firm was facing some tough compliance challenges. The client needed to broaden and deepen their data warehousing and compliance programs to meet new provisions required by the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The biopharmaceutical company awarded the project to Collaborative Consulting who became a trusted IT and professional services partner to them. “We provided information management services to the client, and overtime we became the client’s single data warehousing, business intelligence, and data integration partner by consistently delivering high-quality, skilled consulting and service,” remarks Williams. Collaborative Consulting’s initiative was a complete success, and positioned the client to effectively respond to its compliance challenges.

Moving forward, Collaborative seeks to be a pragmatic partner who can deliver exceptional value to its clients. The company believes in hard work and dedication and will take it a step further by hiring and retaining industry subject matter experts who have evolved their professional expertise within the industries and markets that they serve. “We are always looking forward, and are focused on delivering real capabilities to meet the ever changing needs of the businesses,” concludes Williams.

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John Williams, CSO

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