Collaborative Solutions: Helping Customers Deploy And Integrate Workday Enterprise Applications

Carroll Ross, Founder
The real measure of a successful enterprise application is in a simple design benefiting everyone in the organization. Collaborative Solutions, Workday’s service provider, has successfully deployed Workday Human Capital Management (HCM), payroll, and Financial Management solutions in organizations ranging from 1,000 to 200,000 employees to over 150 customers in 100 countries. The practical experience of a decade helps Collaborative Solutions perform full lifecycle Workday implementation consulting services across various market spaces including commercial, higher education, nonprofit, and government.

“Because of the simple nature of the user interface and sub service interaction, user engagement is high, to almost 60 percent. This empowers individuals, who are part of the sub service community to manage their workloads alone, rather than going to a central group of resource, freeing the group, so they can focus on mission critical areas and other initiatives associated within the education space,” says Carroll Ross, CEO.

For implementing Workday or for optimizing the use of the service, experts take a collaborative approach while working with clients to clearly define objectives, scope, cost, and timing for the project. Collaborative Solutions uses a deliverable-based approach in conducting projects in multiple, consecutive phases. The overall process is supported by documents, activities and proven techniques to effectively deploy Workday within the organization. Collaborative Solutions’ proprietary methodology, CYNERGY™ for Workday, layers onto Workday’s proven implementation methodology. The goal with CYNERGY™ is to streamline the Workday deployment, enabling a quick ramp up to deliver top notch solutions across each of their engagements.

Collaborative Solutions helps review current systems to get them realigned with the overall business strategy. The experts continuously use Workday’s latest releases to take advantage of the new and enhanced functionalities included in the new versions.
Data gathering and extraction sessions provide an overview of the expected data delivered at each stage of the project, ensuring complete and high quality data which meets the 100 percent accuracy goal during the final configuration prototype.

The challenges faced by higher education sectors in administrative and financial management require the same enterprise technology solutions powering commercial organizations. Successful implementation requires a unique understanding of the environmental, operational, and regulatory impacts to these institutions. Schools must also take into account changes during budget cuts and the increased and on-going regulatory changes they’re asked to provide. Workday implementations cover critical areas such as business process improvement, grants management, commitment accounting, student administration, constituent relationships, and the ever changing requirements in audits and reporting.

Collaborative Solutions’ assistance in modernizing the back office operations at Brown University helped the University achieve efficiency in running HR and Financial Management on Workday. “Brown University is staffed with consultants from Collaborative Solutions on our Workday Financial project. They have been very knowledgeable about Workday and higher education, and are very dedicated and hard working. I recommend Collaborative Solutions for your Workday implementations in Higher Education,” says Kelly Kelly, Project Manager, Brown University.

With over a decade of implementation experience, Collaborative Solutions continues to keep abreast of technology while expanding across the globe. Collaborative Solutions is focused on providing greater value with quicker implementations, offering a unique perspective from the customer side.

Collaborative Solutions

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Carroll Ross, Founder

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