Collectronics Technology Solutions: Customizing Legal and Business Processes

Lance E. Williams, Esq., CFO
“It is the lawyer’s role to understand what a client describes, determine its feasibility, and question ambiguities or conflicts in the statements. The lawyer must also act as a consultant, offering alternatives that may affect or point out something one may have overlooked,” believes Lance E. Williams, Chief Financial Officer of Collectronics Technology Solutions. Being a practicing attorney, Williams is aware of the challenges that lawyers face and uses his knowledge to fulfill the client demands for automation and efficiency through the applications offered by Collectronics.

Collectronics is an experienced group of professionals, including attorneys, software developers, software engineers, programmers and marketing professionals dedicated to automating business processes and procedures to maximize the law firm's profitability. The company’s applications help attorneys and their staff better manage their practice by providing real solutions, in real-time, to business and legal processes while increasing transparency and promoting collaboration with the law firm’s clients. “Lawyers are overwhelmed with hundreds of cases, which require real-time solutions and regular updates. Clients are demanding more transparency from their law firms, including real-time case status information and the legal fees billed to those cases. Through Collectronics, we help attorneys become more efficient while at the same time providing managed transparency to the law firm clients through a customized web portal” says Williams.

Collectronics bases its solutions on CollectCloud®, a suite of cloud based applications for attorneys. CollectCloud’s flagship application CollectMinder® is one of the industry's first cloud-based collection software systems through which lawyers can improve the profitability of their law practice with time saving and value-adding features. These features include 24/7 real-time status reports, automatic document generation, automatic tracking and calendaring of important dates and events, attorney fee and cost tracking and billing, and automated first class and certified mail label generation with real-time tracking of delivery status through the CollectMail®application.

The company also creates seamless integration with their additional online solutions namely, ProjectMinder®, for creating, tracking and updating cases/projects and tasks and housing them in a centralized online portal where law firm clients and other 3rd parties can access and collaborate with law firm staff and attorneys through a customized web portal, and e-nForce® which provides real-time customizable status reports of pending covenant enforcement violations, tracking of important deadlines and events, tracking of attorney’s fees and costs in real-time, and online storage of documents of any file type.
“Rather than accessing software and data on desktop computers and servers located ‘on premises,’ you and your law firm clients can access your software and real-time case information via a web browser from anywhere you have access to the Internet,” explains Williams.

“Collectronics is not a provider of “out-of-the-box” software solutions in an attempt to fit the clients’ business needs,” says Williams. Rather, every system the company delivers is based on the specific business and legal requirements of the client, together with input from Collectronics team of consultants and developers and the collective mind share of the clients across the country. Collectronics also provides professional consulting services, including audits of the client’s technological environment, to maximize profit by complete utilization of the resources.

Herrick Feinstein, Vial Fotheringham, Mercer Trigiani and Porter, McGuire, Kiakona & Chow are few among Collectronics’ prestigious clients who have benefitted from the company’s solutions. Recently, one of Collectronics’ clients with multiple offices across the U.S. was facing problem with managing their scattered branches. Collectronics cloud based solutions enabled the client to more efficiently manage the caseload of all six of the satellite offices by using Collectronics’ integrated applications allowing the law firm to not only apply best business practices among all offices but also track the productivity of each attorney and employee of each office while continuing to expand their practice into new jurisdictions.

Collectronics is unique in nature due to their ability to analyze the client problems and then map out the legal procedures, by building custom applications. Collectronics has developed this full suite of software based on over 50 years of legal experience and in-depth knowledge and understanding of the issues that law firms face. “We were in the Cloud before the Cloud was cool,” explains Williams.“Now, it is just a matter of leveraging our time-tested cloud solutions to lawyers from different practice areas and demonstrating to them how to take advantage of the cloud to provide transparency to their clients while managing their caseload more efficiently and effectively,” concludes Williams.

Collectronics Technology Solutions

Dallas, Texas

Lance E. Williams, Esq., CFO and Dean A. Riddle, Esq., Director, Lauren C. Williams, Director

Providing business processes and procedures to maximize a law firm’s profitability.