Collegis Education: Decades of Higher Education Knowledge Fueled By Technology

CIO VendorMichael Locke, President & CEO
Today’s educational institutions must apply progressive strategies to attract and engage students. The pioneering services and data-driven solutions give power to schools to make a difference. It’s an indisputable truth that in order to compete in a progressively digital world, schools must capture and understand their student data better than ever before. Colleges must be smarter in their approach in how they engage prospective and current students, and they must venture outside traditional methods in order to thrive in the evolving landscape of higher education.

Collegis Education, founded in 2013 and headquartered in Oak Brook, IL, is a technology-based services company that helps schools to navigate the changing landscape of education using a robust analytical approach to meet the operational needs.

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The firm empowers education institutions to make a broader impact by providing insights that optimize expenses, increase revenue, and most importantly improve student outcomes. “It is more important than ever that colleges are prepared to operate efficiently, while keeping student outcomes front and center,” says J. Michael Locke, President and CEO. “We recognized some of the most difficult operational issues education institutions are facing today and combined technology, data and more than 40 years of higher education knowledge to figure out the problem. The time is right to make those solutions available to other education institutions and the model works for all kinds of schools, public, private, for-profit and not-for-profit,” Locke added.
The company was established with the simple idea to integrate stronger and more adaptable technology into the higher education industry. It enhances delivering IT solutions to colleges and universities nationwide. The firm supports over 27,000 students through 32 college partners.

“I have never seen a market go through such dynamic changes as the higher education industry is experiencing today, learning institutions must use technology to change how they operate if they want to compete effectively in this new world,” says, Robert E. King, Chairman. As the market evolves through the expansion of online learning opportunities, reduced funding sources, elevated price sensitivity, and the increased accessibility of digital content, institutions need to be a step ahead in order to stay competitive.

The firm works with college partners to accept a continuous test-and-measure approach to make sure maximum output on marketing Investments. The company empowers educational institutions to improve enrollment growth through integrated technology, responsive analytics. The firm’s, competency based online career center, is focusing on 12 core job competencies and it equip the students who are entering the job market. The highly trained service professionals figure out the doubts of students with respect to the courses.

By gathering and interpreting prospect engagement and conversion data, the company develops marketing strategies that help students for their enrolment. Collegis is helping the schools develop interactive online courses that engage students, decrease costs and increase participation levels while having a positive influence on course retention metrics.

Innovation is engrained in Collegis education’s days of yore and constantly improving academic delivery has always been the area of concentration. The goal of the company is to attain better outcome and more refined solutions in each and every effort. The firm mixes their analytics and technology with decades of higher education knowledge to bring end results for the clients’ operational challenges.

Collegis Education

Oak Brook,IL

Michael Locke, President & CEO

Helping educational institutions improve enrollment growth through integrated technology and responsive analytics