Comarch: Gamifying Customer Experiences

Janusz Filipiak, Founder, President & CEO Customer engagement is undoubtedly the best business strategy to help a business succeed in any field. And if that strategy guides an enterprise to provide gamified experiences to its customers, it can definitely be considered promising. A substantiation of this could be Atlanta-based Comarch’s association with JetBlue Airways, an American airline that wanted to completely redesign their frequent flyer program (FFP)—TrueBlue.

The airline wanted to modify its FFP was due to rapid increase in clientele and partner network. As per the old loyalty program, the passengers were awarded a set amount of points for each trip. In 2009, the airline revamped its loyalty scheme and began to reward passengers with three points for every dollar spent while booking a flight, excluding taxes and fees. JetBlue started granting additional points on online booking and made every seat available for redemption. With increasing number of customers and partners, the airline was looking for an IT system that could support functionalities such as revenue-based point accrual, activity-based point expiration, redemptions for any available seat, and automatic retro claims.

JetBlue wanted to update its FFP in a way that would attract more customers and give them numerous opportunities with regards to the use and accrual of points. The airline entrusted the task to Comarch. After an in-depth analysis, Comarch implemented a customized version of its loyalty management solution dedicated for the airline business with its portfolio of modules that included business administration, contact center, smart analytics tools, and member portal. The loyalty management solution led to seamless management of the multi-partner environment, easy online enrolment, flexible administration of the accrual rules, and much more. Comarch also employed gamification to ensure increased customer engagement. The company gamified the booking process by awarding a badge for activities such as purchasing a ticket or sharing thoughts on social media.

The TrueBlue Badges created by Comarch proved to be of immense value for JetBlue.

The company’s gamification software proves significant when it comes to motivating employees, boosting their commitment, and helping them to know their fellow employees and business partners better

After making the Badges available to its customers, the airlines gained over 200 percent new partner transaction activations and over 100,000 active users within six months of its launch. This boosted the engagement and therefore strengthened brand loyalty among its customers.

“We have found Comarch to be a great partner both from a development perspective and a strategic direction perspective. Their ability to ramp up and resource projects and initiatives have been impressive. We have never had any regrets in choosing Comarch, and we look forward to a long and innovative relationship,” reads a testimonial from JetBlue Airways.

An Enterprise-ready Gamification Platform

Comarch employs gamification to offer loyalty management and enterprise engagement solutions to businesses operating across industries. For more than 15 years, the company has been assisting its clients with comprehensive management of customer loyalty programs to promote customer engagement, effectively manage rewards, and improve brand’s interaction with customers across multiple channels.

Comarch’s customer engagement platform offers gamification at an enterprise level. The software creates rewards in the form of points, badges and trophies, user rankings, and other various engaging games and elements, and can be used for simple websites, responsive web design (RWD) platforms, and mobile applications. The platform also supports other basic functions such as user authorization and report generation.

It empowers users to utilize virtual rewards, badges, and compelling storytelling through a knowledge-based plugin.

By executing effective engagement strategies, managers can share their thoughts and ideas with employees or partners and build a community around the brand. Comarch provides the corporate gamification software as per the clients’ requirements. The only component that remains the same is the back-end gamification engine. Features such as game mechanics, creative concepts, and gamification design are tailored to the client’s specific needs.

The 3F Rule for Employee Engagement

Comarch also nurtures the concept of gamification for employee engagement within the organization. With an underlying 3F rule focused on fun, friends, and feedback, the company’s gamification platform changes the way employees interact with each other.

It gives the users an opportunity to win awards and prizes while competing with each other, and also share their achievements with friends via social media. The users even get feedbacks based on their performance during these activities. Comarch’s gamification engine also offers simple integration with external systems for better usability. It can be integrated with main work programs that comprise information about the employees’ performance and hierarchy.

"Comarch’s customer engagement platform creates rewards in the form of points, badges and trophies, user rankings, and other various engaging games and elements"

The company’s gamification software proves significant when it comes to motivating employees, boosting their commitment, and helping them to know their fellow employees and business partners better through quizzes, surveys, reports, and statistics.

The Road Ahead

“We will continue to follow our strategic direction of organic growth, which has proven to be very competent in the last couple of years, and I think we should focus on that path,” remarks Janusz Filipiak, Founder, President & CEO. He believes that geographical expansion is the strategic pillar for the company and now that they have branches in the major markets across the world, they can operate their business even faster and better than before. Besides expanding geographically, Comarch is making considerable investments in developing new and innovative products to address the current needs of the telecom industry. Filipiak is confident that the company’s investments in developing solutions related to gamification, loyalty management, internet of things (IoT), big data, telemedicine, and focus on knowledge and innovation will pave the road to success for them.


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Janusz Filipiak, Founder, President & CEO

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