Comindware: Business Operations Management Suite – Enabler of Enterprise Digital Business Transformation

CIO VendorMax Tsypliaev, CEO and Founder
Whether you are a business executive or an IT executive, you know how challenging it is to make the most of the assets you currently have – your people, data, knowledge, best practices, software systems and partnerships. Depending on which side of the organizational divide you are on, the challenges may look different, but the ultimate goal is the same: to sustain and increase operational efficiency, profitability and agility in the face of everyday global competition.

Software has been universally seen as the key enabler of performance optimization, however the majority of businesses quickly realize that as they grow and the number of supporting systems they have increases, efficiency and control tend to decrease. The IT landscape becomes complex and disconnected, data is duplicated and scattered across multiple offline storages, and system users are forced to go through long and costly waiting periods for application set ups and configurations.

There are multiple approaches to fixing this problem. One of the most promising is the BMPS aiming to bridge disintegrated enterprise software silos. However, most of these systems are solely focused on processes, thus leaving aside such integral work management capabilities as Projects for cost control and advanced Case Management for Knowledge Work Management in unstructured processes. They also lack key capabilities for unified data and resource management, disabling complex hybrid (processes + projects + cases) operations support for cross-company business processes such as Lead-to-Cash, Idea-to-Product, Partner & Supply Chain Management and many others.

Another challenge is the prohibitive complexity for business users to set up, run and change such BPM solutions. By nature BPM solutions tend to-be back-end focused, requiring much business analysis and coding efforts and provide only a lower level process view insufficient for top-down process optimization. Herein lies the opportunity for a new generation of business operations management systems. This should be software a) providing a fully open and scalable foundation for low-code business applications build, b) available for business users and c) delivering a complete set of work management components such as unified Process, Project and Case Management.
Comindware has started what we see as a clearly new direction for enterprise digital transformation by releasing the next generation of comprehensive enterprise Business Operations Management suite that provides game changing Business Process, Project and Case Management capabilities empowering both Business and IT users with a highly configurable and scalable foundation for business applications build.

At Comindware we aim to become a trusted partner for our clients by working with both Business and IT and unlocking the company’s potential through a holistic approach to digital business transformation

Leveraging the unique, single platform-based architecture and the digital-first business operations optimization approach, Comindware Business Operations Management Suite enables management of any type of business activities and data encountered in companies of any maturity and size. Also, thanks to Comindware’s Executable Enterprise Architecture and the pre-configured business objects, Comindware solutions significantly simplify system set up and configuration for business users.

Comindware Suite features a fully functional and context-aware social collaboration environment – Comindware Team Network – supporting a full set of social network capabilities required for daily business communications. “At Comindware we aim to become a trusted partner for our clients by working with both Business and IT users and unlocking the company’s potential through a holistic approach to digital business transformation, ” says Max Tsypliaev, CEO and Founder of Comindware. “Leveraging our comprehensive suite of solutions for management of any kind of enterprise data and operations, and fully supported by our Consulting, Integration and Implementation services, Comindware truly enhances individual, team and corporate performance and ultimately ensures our customers’ success.”


Boston, MA

Max Tsypliaev, CEO and Founder

Business Operations Management Suite for enterprise performance optimization.