Command Prompt, Inc.: Navigating PostgreSQL Deployments in the Cloud

Joshua D. Drake, Lead Consultant/Architect
As Amazon’s EC2, RDS, and Aurora gain more traction, organizations migrating to the cloud continue to eliminate the role of DBAs. “Many fail to realize that migrating to the cloud does not eliminate the need for a DBA. It only removes the need for on-premises staff to manage hardware and network infrastructure,” says Joshua D. Drake, Lead Consultant and President of Command Prompt, Inc. (CMD). In such a scenario, CMD — the oldest and most experienced PostgreSQL support provider in North America — notes lack of pre-planning and insufficient architecture as the primary reasoning behind performance and optimization issues with cloud adoption. In an effort to eliminate these issues, CMD focuses on delivering full stack support, consulting, and development. Their goal is to assist organizations with effective cloud management and migrations through PostgreSQL — the world’s most advanced open source database.

Drake points out that while there is a sense of security in having an on-premises facility, the majority of security breaches are caused internally. Countering the biggest challenge around AWS migration for clients with legacy infrastructure, CMD takes a hybrid approach by first providing an architectural review, followed by support for on-premises infrastructure and AWS-based cloud infrastructure. A project plan is put together to move clients fully into the cloud and address such common fears as multi-tenancy by encrypting sensitive data before and during the sending of data through functions provided by PostgreSQL.

Leveraging product as a service model, the company provides comprehensive services such as auto-discovery and auto alerts for server data without externally setting up monitoring services. The company is also building tools around simplified cloud data mining and migration services for better resource allocation and availability, catering to the increased cloud adoption.

Command Prompt imparts cloud efficiency and enhanced performance through PostgreSQL— the world’s most advanced open source database

“It’s important to know that the cloud is built from open source and the community that delivers open source should be recognized. Amazon’s open source approach drives our ability to deliver such solutions,” Drake concludes.

As a long-standing member of the PostgreSQL community and a veteran in Open Source implementation, Drake has set a high bar for his team of DBAs and SysAdmins to assist organizations fine-tune their databases and operating systems according to the optimum AWS environment requirements. The team works one-to-one with the client’s staff to ensure an intimate knowledge of the projects and requirements. One additional CMD feature that most in the industry do not provide is 24/7 support and proactive response by way of real-time alerting. This holistic approach allows clients to concentrate on their core business processes instead of incurring consistent performance and architectural issues.

As a strong believer in furthering PostgreSQL education, they provide two types of training. In-class training allows individuals to attend CMD’s classes through PostgreSQL conferences, online, and on-premises sessions. Client education training offers clients the ability to experience the entire work flow and identify the cause of the problem with the steps taken to resolve it.

Command Prompt, Inc.

Bellingham, WA

Joshua D. Drake, Lead Consultant/Architect and Amanda Nystrom, Senior Project & Operations Manager

Leverages the world’s most advanced open source database for developing, supporting, deploying, and advocating cloud services

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