Commerce Guys: Delivering Open Source CMS System through Drupal Commerce

Open source software is making its presence felt with each passing day, impacting almost every industry. Content Management System (CMS) is one such area that is utilizing open source to the fullest. Especially, open source has led online retailers to thrive in a hypercompetitive business environment. It provides retailers with a powerful platform through which they can mold the software and web design according to their business needs. Even though open source is proving to be the future of online retailing, many Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) believe in utilizing proprietary software, owing to their lack of expertise. This scenario has led the SMEs to search for a viable partner that can provide them with the required technical assistance and consultation to help them gain the benefits of open source software. Based in Ann Arbor, MI, Commerce Guys is one such company that creates Drupal Commerce, an eCommerce solution that leverages the power of Drupal, a premier open-source CMS. “We focus our knowledge and expertise on providing online merchants with the powerful, responsive, and innovative eCommerce solutions they need to thrive,” says Frederic Plais, Co-founder and CEO, Commerce Guys.

Drupal Commerce is open source software that amalgamates commerce, content, and community to form engaging web experiences, which in turn help the retailers to drive significant results by increasing traffic. “With Drupal Commerce, online retailers have a simple yet powerful platform and the flexibility to integrate a rich commerce experience with the online website, anywhere within their environment,” says Plais. It offers a great deal of flexibility to the online retailers who are tied to proprietary software by enabling them to customize the software code according to their business needs. Drupal has a global community of contributors who constantly improve, adapt, and secure the software that meets the stringent demands of eCommerce.

We focus our knowledge and expertise on providing online merchants with the powerful, responsive, and innovative Commerce solutions they need to thrive

Frederic Plais, Co-founder & CEO
Non-technical end users can make changes and test new ideas as Drupal Commerce provides remarkable ease-of-use, making it the perfect fit for marketing-driven commerce. “We provide customizable workflows for the development of an administration system,” says Plais. Drupal Commerce also facilitates lower costs, higher quality, greater innovation, and speeds up the software functioning.

As it is highly extensible in nature, the online retailers can adapt to the changing needs of websites—such as feature enhancements and international functionality. Alongside delivering open source software support, Commerce Guys offers a full suite of products and professional services to support the retailers carry out their eCommerce projects. The services range from consulting and expert advice to support, hosting, and training.

For many years, Commerce Guys has assisted online retailers customize their software and web design according to their will. To highlight one such customer story, OpenSesame, an open eLearning content marketplace, needed a platform that can help them keep track of unlimited content providers in a single, easy-to-manage platform. The customer approached Commerce Guys looking for an eCommerce solution to connect large number of trainers with the business. The company offered them Drupal Commerce which enabled OpenSesame to develop advanced features, through which they were able to connect customer orders with content-provider payouts. After the effective implementation of Drupal Commerce, OpenSesame was able to build its own application to carry out entire website activities.

Having built a robust platform in open source landscape, Commerce Guys continues to dedicate its resources to develop the Drupal Commerce community. As a future course of action, Commerce Guys is planning to hire top Drupal talent. “Our success depends on the quality of our teams,” concludes Plais.

Commerce Guys

Ann Arbor, MI

Frederic Plais, Co-founder & CEO

Creator of the eCommerce solution that leverages the power of Drupal Commerce