CommitDBA: Proactive Monitoring Services for Database Administration

Steve Woody, President
Data-driven companies are continuously dependent on accurate recording, updating and tracking of their data on a minute-to-minute basis, while utilizing industry best practices that cover all administrative tasks. But the fastest growing threat of IT breaches and data theft is posing a challenge on the growth of companies. Consequently, knowledgeable System administrators and database developers are needed for developing a consistent practice in looking after their databases. However, if maintenance and sustainment practices are not conducted, the database can become disorganized, unavailable and corrupted in time ultimately causing application failure. Thus, effective Database administration with the support of best-in class database tools has become mission-critical for a company to succeed in the market. To help companies procure an expert level database administration (DBA), CommitDBA, based in Dayton, OH, ventured to seed a business unit focused on point solution for enterprise database services. The company’s core expertise is focused on delivering remote database monitoring and management of Oracle, SQL Server and mission critical databases for the clients.

CommitDBA provides a variety of professional DBA services that include services like DBAManage, Data Solutions, DBAOnCall, DBAProject and DBA Assessment. “Our service models are proactively designed to meet customer specific enterprise database requirement,” says Steve Woody, President, CommitDBA. DBAManage, a premiere service of the company, provides DBA support for the system having incorporated with 200 in-scope tasks under DBA service categories like Architecture and Design, Backup, Recovery, Change Control and Cloud/Data Center.

Additionally, the most important function of DBAManage is conducive through the integration of a database monitoring tool, known as Foglight, which provides fast detection, diagnosis and resolution of database problems and issues proactively.“Foglight is capable of conducting execution against Multiple Database Instances, Real Time Problem Detection and other functionalities,” states Woody.“Foglight detects critical database threshold based on the in-scope tasks wherein DBAManage can be customized to add critical alarms based on the clients’ Database requirements,” he adds.
The thresholds are set and configured optimally based on best practice settings and past experience of the client’s database. Since, significant percentage of installed databases in corporate systems comprises of Oracle and SQL Server, DBAManage is configured to deliver, optimal Oracle and SQL Server database performance with high availability and security given for the functional database.

CommitDBA has been able to deliver many benefits and build measurable business value to the clients through their solutions. In an implementation highlight, one of the leading insurance companies from Atlanta, Access Insurance, was facing glitches in the database management bandwidth and expertise in remediating critical problems. With over 350 SQL Servers and a few Oracle data warehouse instances which were installed on 14 database servers in their system, the client was challenged with serious business activity processing delays and stoppages. The client’s business processes lacked operational agility and their IT resources were not at full capacity. CommitDBA analyzed the complex database architecture of the client, and collaborated with the client’s Access staff to remediate the highest priority issues. The client was provided with effective resources to quickly engage and assess their systems, identify query improvements, and stabilize the client’s environment. Following this, the client was able to reduce 80 percent of their error rate; which stabilized their database system beyond expectation.

Our service models are proactively designed to meet customer specific enterprise database requirements

Going forward, CommitDBA is focused on accelerating their growth by meeting customer demands holistically with high scale reliability and quality database services. The company is expanding their portfolio of database offerings while raising the level of high performance services with Services Lifecycle Management (SLM) best practices.


Dayton, OH

Steve Woody, President

A provider of professional Database Services by providing expertise in database monitoring and management.