CommScope [NASDAQ: COMM]: Propelling Capacity and Signal Reliability

Marvin S. Edwards, Jr. President & CEO
As the telecom industry is evolving, the path to a greater profit requires more capacity and better signal reliability to meet the exponentially growing customer demands. Developing an ecosystem with speed and better connectivity is quite essential for enterprises in faring better than their more conservative rivals. The NC based CommScope [NASDAQ: COMM] helps companies around the world design, build, and manage a robust network infrastructure with best-in-class products and services. The company undertakes an array of processes from site acquisition to optic fiber backhauling; power and Radio Frequency (RF) optimization helping customers anticipate and quickly meet the evolving needs of the market. The company also has expertise in providing innovative optic fiber solutions.

Being at the forefront of global telecom landscape, the company provides organizations with the key solutions to build a robust network through deploying new technology into the existing architecture without disrupting network performance in the best ways possible. The firm’s high-quality, state-of-the-art, and reliable communications services offered in the mobile operator segment helps enterprises in optimizing capacity through cell densification and sector splitting. This is done by adding the latest technology to the already existing infrastructure, thereby maximizing ROI. CommScope also assists service operators in maximizing efficiencies by profiling network performance statistics, user trends, and per-user profitability via advanced data processing, meanwhile helping organizations to expand backhaul capacity to manage the ever growing demands. The solution provider has in-depth knowledge in building wireless infrastructure; interconnect solutions, and innovative sector sculpting through extensive Radio Frequency (RF) path ecosystems. They also provide the advanced fiber-optic technology that deploys fast and supports even the most demanding Fiber to the Antenna (FTTA) and Fiber to the Cabinet (FTTC) applications.

Helping Broadband operators connect millions of customers to offer video, telephone, VOIP and fast Internet services, the company offers a variety of passive and active solutions that delivers the speed, reliability, efficiency, and upgraded path that organizations need to operate profitably over the long term.

The firm’s superior quality material that supports every component and solution helps organizations to spend less on maintaining their infrastructure

The firm’s superior quality material that supports every component and solution helps organizations to spend less on maintaining their infrastructure. CommScope’s expertise helps clients to customize solutions according to the industry-specific requirements. This would help them stay ahead of the technology curve and the competition.

The company provides cables with pre-installed connectors that enable fiber networks faster to deploy and then having to use fewer cables. This has brought in bigger responsibilities like ensuring availability and performance of affordable internet service to the remote rural areas of Michigan. Lacking a backhaul infrastructure, the community institutions, businesses and homes in the area were left with slow speed internet which failed to serve the multitudes of their needs. Accomplishing the task required a 2,300 mile installation of high quality optic fiber. CommScope provided all the required products to establish state-of-the-art broadband services. The deployment of CommScope solutions helped more than one million homes and 55,000 businesses to benefit from a robust broadband connectivity in the entire region.

CommScope continuously invests in improving its products and services to better serve customers across the globe. The company is planning to expand its optic fiber strength to manage the ever increasing wireless infrastructure in the coming days which also sees Cloud-RAN (C-RAN) as a big market opportunity where fiber connectivity becomes even more important.


Hickory, NC

Marvin S. Edwards, Jr. President & CEO

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