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Adam Such, President and COO
Cellcrypt is the trusted encrypted communications network used by government, military and enterprise globally. The network offers military-grade, end-to-end encryption across voice/conference calling, instant messaging and file sharing in a user-friendly app, all of which is enterprise-ready and can be integrated into existing equipment and IT infrastructure. Cellcrypt enables organizations to communicate safely and expands the enterprise network security to the mobile environment and distributed workforce with confidence.

The ongoing global health crisis has seen an unprecedented number of employees working from home. Organizations have needed to rapidly react, adapt and improvise information technology systems and policies in order to maintain business continuity. This is oftentimes at the expense of security and privacy due to insufficient capabilities or inadequate solutions. Governments and businesses are waking up to the fact that their communications have never been at greater risk from cybercrime and exposure, and that they require an enterprise-ready solution that protects critical data, privacy and the expanded network security requirements of a distributed workforce.


Non-secured communications can place an enterprise at great risk of interception and exploitation, from opportunistic cybercriminals to industrial espionage, home and foreign governments, and even the messaging platforms themselves, many of which are designed to prioritize the gathering and monetization of user data. The cost of a breach can include threats to personal safety, reputational damage, theft and monetary loss, forfeit of competitive advantage and IP, and regulatory issues. It will often not be clear that a breach has even taken place, making it all the more important to protect communications proactively.

Uncertified communications

Unlike consumer-grade alternatives, as Adam Such, the President and COO of Communication Security Group mentions, “Cellcrypt provides the strongest, most resilient, multi-layered encryption that meets and exceeds the CNSA cryptographic standard as defined by the NSA.” CNSA Cryptography is required for all US Government Classified communications up to and including Top Secret.

SMS, email, fixed/mobile telephony and consumer messaging apps can be easily hacked, spoofed and otherwise intercepted, making them inappropriate for sharing sensitive information. While many consumer messaging apps claim to be encrypted, not all encryption is equal. Leading industry analysts state that a voice or text conversation held over a consumer messaging app should be considered as a conversation between two individuals in a public space. In addition to this, many of those apps have privacy policies that allow them to gather and share an extraordinary amount of user data and meta-data with partners of their choice.

Enterprise-grade features

Platforms without IT integration, and often sourced by employees themselves, create a shadow IT outside management purview and oversight. These unsanctioned tools can lead to issues with continuity, but could well be creating significant compliance problems and unforeseen exposure.

“Cellcrypt can be owned and operated entirely by the customer, with their own private stack in the cloud or on location, giving them full control of all aspects of their data,” informs Such.
Integration is a significant factor in choosing an encrypted communications platform: unlike consumer apps, Cellcrypt offers user administration, archiving for regulatory purposes, reporting, integration with landline PBXs, support and certification. Conference calls can be set up immediately or scheduled with automatic email invites, and with no need for third-party administrators or passwords. The government or commercial enterprise is in complete control.

Cellcrypt provides the strongest, most resilient, multi-layered encryption that meets and exceeds the CNSA cryptographic standard as defined by the NSA

Case studies

• Nuclear power: Cellcrypt enables certified communications platforms to transmit Safeguards Information that is easily integrated into existing IT infrastructure. Cellcrypt extends the authenticated network to distributed and mobile users and includes secure gateways for PBX systems without additional strain.
• US Military and Special Operations: Cellcrypt ensures secure communications with coalition partners without exposing communications security keys, providing authenticated end-to-end, obfuscated communications in extreme bandwidth-constrained and remote/austere environments.

The safe, secure solution

With various options available, it is important to choose a messaging platform on key criteria:

• Functionality: along with the encrypted messaging offering Cellcrypt integrates fully with corporate IT, with private stacks, regulatory add-ons and even full PBX integration available.
• Certification: NIAP, FIPS and Common Criteria encryption certification should be considered the minimum bar – without these the platform cannot be considered secure.
• Market: freemium, open-source and consumer focused apps are not enterprise ready. Cellcrypt is trusted at the very highest levels of government globally for top-secret communications.
• Longevity: it is essential to choose a platform that is established and can be relied on as a long-term partner. Cellcrypt is the encrypted communications gold-standard and has been delivering world firsts in the sector since 2004.

Upcoming releases

Cellcrypt Federal will launch in the first quarter of 2021 and will offer secure calling and conferencing across voice and video, messaging and file sharing within a NIAP certified infrastructure.

Cellcrypt will continue to ensure they not only proactively protect their users with military-grade encryption, but empower them with a suite of tools that enable them to work and collaborate faster, better and more productively.

Communication Security Group

Hanover, MD

Adam Such, President and COO

Cellcrypt is the trusted encrypted communications network used by government, military and enterprise globally

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