CommuniTake: CommuniTake Delivers beyond BYOD Solution for Better Mobile Operability and Security

Ronen Sasson, CEO
The growing BYOD trend along with consumerization of IT has changed the enterprise’s take on data security, compliance, and productivity. Current BYOD solutions introduce numerous challenges for enterprises: (1) they are too complicated, too expensive and too intrusive with users’ privacy; (2) they lack to provide the needed operability to ensure productivity; (3) they com¬promise on total security given the device ownership.

CommuniTake, a world leader in mobile remote access solutions, delivers a modern solution that addresses these imperatives. CommuniTake offers smart, simple yet powerful Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) and BYOD solution. It unifies device governance for central control, with multiple support tools for always productive employees and secure smartphone and communications for wiretapping and data theft protection.

“The new connected world creates ever-increasing support challenges like diverse device models, increased sup¬port burdens,need for global support for the nomadic employees, privacy interference, low productivity and inconsistent experience across users’ interaction channels,” says Ronen Sasson, CEO, CommuniTake. “In addition to the sup¬port liabilities, the mobile device is a risky endpoint which generates both mobile wiretapping and IoT operation related risks, and the current BYOD programs do not really address it. Now, organizations require beyond BYOD solutions. One EMM solution that fits all enterprises and employees is an obsolete concept”, notes Ronen.

CommuniTake's approach is unique to solving operability challenges. CommuniTake’s Total Care solutions include multi-channel care which provides an on-device application for seamless monitoring, diagnosis, repair and collaborative support by the community. Furthermore, CommuniTake endows support advisers with complete control over mobile devices and PCs, executed with a granular permission scheme regarding their accessing device services and content.

This portfolio enables care for the diversity of devices, strengthens preventive care and self-service, ensures effective IT support for always connected executives, and minimizes the intrusion of users’ privacy while maintaining sensitive information inside the organization, exposed only to internal support reps.

We provide the modern beyond BYOD solution, making it safer than ever to communicate, govern mobility, support users across the enterprise, and capitalize on mobility for better business performance

With devices operating outside the confines of brick and mortar enterprise, challenges like malware infection, inadvertent sharing of critical data, tampering with the communication channels, and wiretapping threaten organizations. As a remedy, CommuniTake has developed the INTACTPHONE. It provides contained messaging and encrypted voice calls for any Android and iOS device, all under a central device management system. It can be extended with a hardened smartphone containing secured Android firmware, internal only apps catalog and infused use restrictions.

“With the CommuniTake all-in-one EMM suite, organizations can quickly deploy advanced enterprise mobility control, and utilize extended support capabilities to existing mobile applications and devices. At the same time, organizations truly achieve adequate out-of-the-box security, by mixing BYOD hand-sets and highly secure corporate-owned devices for various risk-level groups of professionals and executives across the organization,” says Ronen. “We make it safer than ever to communicate and share business insights across the enterprise, enabling our business customers to move fast and impact business metrics and strategy,” explains Ronen.

Multi-channel support, central control and management, and advanced security have bought CommuniTake a notable list of clientele. Its customers include foremost communication service providers and enterprises worldwide.


US, Israel

Ronen Sasson, CEO

Offers simple yet powerful MDM and BYOD solutions, highly secure mobile communications, hardened mobile device, and multiple support tools, including self-reliance and remote control technology