CommunityForce: Streamlining Scholarship Application Process

At the beginning of every academic year, students most often face the uphill task of finding the most appropriate opportunity while applying for scholarships. Adding to the woes, the complicated and time-consuming application process weighs down their attempts to secure the best scholarships. On the other side, educational institutions struggle to increase the community impact while drowning in paper-based scholarship and grants processes as they find it cumbersome to manually verify the scholarship applications. This challenging scenario necessitates the need for comprehensive application management software that is capable of addressing every stage of the scholarship lifecycle. Against this backdrop, CommunityForce, an early innovator in the education space helps institutions to automate and streamline the review and processing of scholarships and grant applications greatly improving the administration processes.

CommunityForce’s fully automated scholarship platform, Scholars United offers educational institutions the next generation of data capture and business intelligence to reduce cost and enhance the efficiency of the scholarship process. “With Scholars United in the picture, complicated scholarship management processes and paper trails are a thing of the past,” states Khaja Syed, CEO of CommunityForce. The collaborative platform helps the administrators to create concise reports based on the data captured from the reviewers and applicants in realtime. More importantly, Scholars United allows the scholarship administrators to manage and automatically track awarded scholarships throughout the year, saving the time and hassle of re-evaluating all the qualified applicants over again. It also gives scholarship providers the ability to perform intelligent matches and present awards based on need, merit, or donor-advised fund criteria.

“Our state-of-the-art cloud-based platform has advanced capabilities that connect scholars with the right scholarship opportunities in the best possible way with the guidance of organizations and donors who award scholarships,” says Khaja. Deemed as the scholarship search platform for 21st-century students, the Scholars United platform’s unmatched customization and integration options not only help universities to minimize the total cost of ownership, but also eliminate paperwork and workload for scholarship seekers as well as the funder. This client-focused company constantly listens to clients and customizes the software according to their specific requirements.

With Scholars United in the picture, complicated scholarship management processes and paper trails are a thing of the past

Khaja further draws attention to the expansion of their education software and services to incorporate a new idea of experience-driven learning by leveraging a strong partnership with Microsoft. CommunityForce’s experience-driven learning methodology forms the standard to impart educational training for the Airforce personnel of the Air Education and Training Command. It helps them completely understand their education delivery ecosystem in a better way, search and apply for various grants, and manage, monitor, and track the information related to the grants they have applied.

As per Khaja, 2017 had been a significant year for CommunityForce as it expanded its footprint in more universities, foundations and into the federal government space as well. More than 300 customers across the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand are using CommunityForce’s software in the higher education and the grants management space with an overall 95 percent renewal rate. The firm’s esteemed clientele list today includes Harvard University and Yale University. Recently, CommunityForce and The Michael & Susan Dell Foundation collaborated to integrate Scholar Snapp, a scholarship application service, with Scholars United. With this integration, CommunityForce brings in an easy and efficient way for students to apply to multiple scholarships using application data created once, saving students hours and building quality scholarship applications.

For what’s ahead, CommunityForce strives to take their product offering to a whole new dimension, with the core mission of always helping students succeed in their pursuit of higher education.

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CommunityForce Named #646 on Inc.5000 2020 List of Fastest-Growing Private Companies

ASHBURN, Va. - CommunityForce has earned a spot on the prestigious Inc. 5000 listing of the fastest-growing private companies in America for 2020. CommunityForce came in at #646, with an impressive 725% growth rate

"We are proud to be recognized and I want to thank our clients for putting their trust in CommunityForce, and our employees and consultants for their dedication and commitment to providing outstanding service and quality to our clients. A strong team is essential to achieving goals and extraordinary growth." says CommunityForce CEO Khaja Sayed. "The companies on the Inc5000 list are growing ever more competitive, so we feel it is quite an accomplishment to be one of only 22 software companies in Virginia to be recognized."


Ashburn, VA

Khaja Syed, CEO

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