CommVault [NASDAQ: CVLT]: Optimize Storage with Deduplication

N. Robert Hammer, Chairman, President & CEO
Recently, the Ontario based OnX Managed Services (MS)—an IT firm was focusing to provide solutions for optimizing IT infrastructure. They wanted an end-to-end data protection solution integrated with key applications; to reliably power the disaster recovery (DR) managed services in order to deliver their clients. To this need, OnX MS approached CommVault, a service firm that offers data protection and information management solutions to help companies protect their data from operating anywhere, any time. CommVault’s Simpana software met their needs and provided a single platform to power a full data management suite across DR, backup, and endpoint data protection. The CommVault Simpana software’s Virtualize feature automated physical to virtual server conversions for rapid backup and DR in the cloud. With this, the client was able to witness a drastic shrink in source-side deduplication bandwidth needs and was able to reduce time and cost barriers to offsite recovery. Since then, “CommVault has become a part of our secret weapon,” posits Biff Myre, Solutions Direc-tor, Managed Services, OnX Enterprise Services.

With businesses deploying a wide range of applications, operating systems, storage, and servers to meet their global business needs, they demand a quick backup and recovery option. “Organizations today need to have control over where data is stored, how secure it is and how available it is for fast recovery, disaster recovery, test/dev, reporting and business analytics,” asserts Robert Hammer, Chairman, President and CEO of CommVault. CommVault’s Simpana Software—an enterprise level, integrated data, and information management solution, contains modules to protect, analyze, archive, replicate, and search data. The software being built from the ground up on a single platform and unified code base addresses all the aspects of data management in the enterprise, offering unlimited scalability, and unparalleled control of data and information. The Simpana OnePass converged process incorporates both backup and archive in a single, low-impact data collection operation to solve massive file and email growth problems in real-time.

Additionally, the software virtualizes dynamic workloads and leverages deep integration into the virtual infrastructure to deliver enhanced data management capabilities.

Simpana software virtualizes dynamic workloads and leverages deep integration into the virtual infrastructure to deliver enhanced data management capabilities

This feature unifies the data protection of physical and virtual environments to optimize recovery and retention of files, virtualized applications and virtual machines.

CommVault intends to maintain a wide range of industry leading systems, storage, and environments, so that users do not get constrained into a specific vendor’s brand of storage. Moreover, Commvault provides flexible backup solutions to efficiently protect enterprise environments. The Snapshot Management technology—IntelliSnap efficaciously protects the enterprise environments and simplifies management, using a consistent process and user interface regardless of the application or storage platform.

The firm directly integrates deduplication functionality into their software for a flexible, scalable, and cost effective backup and recovery approach to provide granular data protection at user defined intervals throughout the day via snapshots, along with daily deduplicated backups. This permits users to protect data in private or public clouds, laptops remote office servers, or critical applications in the data center to boost backup speeds and minimize storage and network resource consumption.

CommVault is on en route to drive technology strategy, foster new product innovation, and expand its operations steadily to harness the customer requisites by augmenting their services according to the needs of the customers. “Our commitment to deepen our team with top talents is a testament to our vision of the future of data protection,” concludes Hammer.


Tinton Falls, NJ

N. Robert Hammer, Chairman, President & CEO

The company's data protection and information management solutions enable users to protect, access and use all the data—anywhere and anytime