CompAlliance: Uninhibited Flow of Medical Claims Processing

Magnum Dampier, Director of Information Systems
The complex business environment and disparate systems functioning across an organization are presenting real challenges that lead to operational inefficiency and increased costs. Especially in the medical care and billing arena, numerous processes such as medical claims and billing are handled through manually-driven, legacy methods which lead to poor results. With a strong focus on addressing the workflow efficiency challenges existing between enterprises and cost containment processes, Kansas-based Comp Alliance is revolutionizing the workflow segment through a bevy of groundbreaking solutions. “We help enterprises mitigate claims cost, expedite payments to medical service providers, and manage information more efficiently than they could do in the past. This way we turn challenges into opportunities,” begins Magnum Dampier, Director of Information Systems at CompAlliance. Being at the leading edge of innovation in workflow solutions, the firm leverages the capabilities of machine learning and proprietary backend software to streamline workflow processes between multiple entities with the support of organized workflow systems.

With a mission to help organizations offer their workforce a delightful experience in availing medical care, the firm architects a pioneering platform, Comp-Insights, which can easily be integrated into the client’s IT infrastructure. The platform not only gives visibility into real-time data but automatically triggers notifications to keep stakeholders informed of the current claim statuses. “The AI-enabled engine in the platform allows employers to evaluate and assess claims cases and compare them with past data of similar cases to ascertain the actual cost of medical care,” says Dampier. If the claim crosses a threshold, it automatically alert steam members and management. Once the clients are informed of status of the claim, they can immediately take pinpointed action on it.
In case of accidents and injuries, employees can immediately make a telephonic call to the nurse triage team and seek professional medical support in the form of injury mitigation and incident routing. The nurse case management division of CompAlliance encompasses qualified nurse case managers whose priority revolves around patient care and cost minimization. Both these teams benefited greatly from a recent acquisition of the telephonic nurse case management company GSG, and the case management software platform VCMS. “We were able to expand our integration efforts across multiple complimenting business lines with this acquisition. Our team members adopted VCMS quickly, thus enabling additional client savings through the additional automation and efficiencies,” Dampier mentioned. The software platform VCMS allowed the company to support not only nurse case managers workflow processes, but also provide measurable impact and actionable reporting to share with clients.

CompAlliance’s competitive edge springs from a strong customer-centric approach and technological advancements in workflow solutions. The firm follows a collaborative approach to comprehend the needs and modus operandi of its clients before approaching them with a solution. Once the firm has a deep understanding of the client’s business environment, it plugs the proprietary middleware into the client’s IT infrastructure for a seamless workflow between the client and its partners. As a result, it rids clients of investing additional resources to make any further adjustments. “We hold quarterly meetings with clients to address the challenges concerning the solution, and if the need be, we can add additional custom workflow, UI, or reporting features depending on the client requirements,” expresses Dampier.

“Through our growth not only organically but through key acquisitions, CompAlliance is posed to assist our clients from farm to table. With multiple in-house software platforms, custom EDI development workflows, and our analytics platform; I am confident in our ability to serve effectively,” ends Dampier.


Merriam, KS

Magnum Dampier, Director of Information Systems

Provides workflow solutions to provide optimum claim outcome, and minimize claim cost