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Sam Vohra, VP
Technology in the network security space has been through many dramatic changes recently. The rise of new mobile operating systems, personal devices, and Software-as-a-service (SaaS) delivery are making securing the network a growing challenge. Consequently, as cyber threats are increasing organizationsare seeking for network security solution to keep unwanted “visitors” away from their sensitive data. “With the advent of VPNs, PC-from-home access, and global connectivity, providing seamless access of data to authorized employees, while keeping hackers out,has become complicated,” says Sam Vohra, VP of CompCiti Business Solutions. The New York-based company, CompCiti ensures network security and easy granted-accessibility for the users. The company designs networks with high quality hardware and software to protect the systems from hackers, spammers, viruses, and other potentially malicious attacks. Founded in 1996, CompCiti has created concrete networking solutions for small and large businesses, recommending customized training, consulting, and technical support to help make the most of a network system through the fast developing technological mechanisms.

According to Vohra, today clients are blindly following their count e r pa r t s and adopting cloud without knowing its advantages and disadvantages thatoften raise security concerns. “We guide companies to secure their whole network, giving them transparency with regards to their cloud migration,” adds Vohra. “CompCiti can create a cloud-based network for organizations that increases productivity, decreases network downtime, and keepsthe data safer.” The company also reviews their clients’ existing network and evaluates it on several levels including performance, scalability, and security, ultimately building reliable Local Area Networks (LANs) to optimizethe current system.

“We’ve also designed a comprehensive Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity (DRBC) plan that specifically reinstates data after a calamitous event,” asserts Vohra.“The plan describes steps involved to fully restore business operational capabilities.” For instance, Alleghany Corporation an investment holding firm, approached CompCiti as they were required to maintain adequate internal control structure and disaster recovery standards under Section 404 of SOXCompCiti’s DRBC plan maintained balance in the firm and back up their servers 24x7 in a data center.

Our strengths are personalized 24x7 service and professional consultants who have the experience to provide hardware maintenance and networking services

The company now visits the client at regular intervals to ensure the disaster recovery solutions are working in alliance with the organization requirements.

Additionally, CompCiti forays into providing managed services overseeing every aspect of the customers’ computers and networks. This includes everyday maintenance, assisting with upgrades and new installations, proffering clients with reliable managed IT services consultation tailored to address business needs and objectives. The company’s proactive services monitor and maintain the clients’ computer networks, servers, and equipments. CompCiti also customizes IT packages that meet firms’ needs and emergency services that can pinpoint the problems faster.

An example portraying the company’s expertise is the story of House of Spices, a specialty food organization. They wanted to implement an integrated solution to connect their various remote locations, scattered across the U.S. and overseas, and gather all the data in one place. CompCiti designed an ERP solution according to the client’s specific needs and helped them implement the solution, alongside providing wireless infrastructure warehouses and consolidating all their data in a single data center. “We deliver a personalized 24x7 service and professional consultants who have the experience and expertise to provide hardware maintenance and networking services,” explains Vohra.

CompCiti differentiates itself for the timely and knowledgeable insights needed to keep the networks up and running. “CompCiti aims to present clients with the best possible and latest technology solutions as per their needs and budget. We are also planning to offer IT auditing solutions in the near future,” concludes Vohra.

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Sam Vohra, VP

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