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To remain competitive in today's business world, organizations need their applications and infrastructure to perform at optimum levels, failing which they would run out of business. Performance testing helps an organization to analyze their infrastructure by determining their software's speed, scalability, and stability to ensure optimum performance. These factors determine how responsive the software is, the maximum load it can handle, and also its ability to perform under various amounts of input data. With their expertise in performance engineering, Compest Solutions, Inc. (CSI) provides cost-effective, automated software testing solutions along with real-time monitoring and support for performance issues. These solutions emphasize on the continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/ CD) model to automate quality assurance (QA) testing and performance. The company also aims to help their clients cut down on licenses and total costs by leveraging open source software. “We offer a range of performance testing and engineering solutions starting from open source low cost to large licensed software,” says Prasad Yalamanchili, President, CSI. Additionally, they provide their clients with software automation for regression testing, staff augmentation, and custom development, if needed.

“We tailor our solutions to different client requirements, including budget and the scope of work,” says Chetan Reddy, Director, CSI. Typically, the company first understands their client’s entire software and infrastructure. Then they analyze the whole situation from a testing and QA perspective. After all the requirements are gathered, they create comprehensive delivery data, high-level estimates, the plan, and the milestones. The generated details even include the solutions that the company would deliver and the results that they would help achieve. After this, the clients can choose either the company-licensed tools or open source tools and leverage their expertise and in-house engineers to create and develop scripts to replicate the loads that the clients would see during production and then scale up the process. Additionally, CSI can also leverage the client’s production modeling or data for testing. The company tests the systems for performance prior to their implementation in production, helping their clients reduce costly production support related to performance. "Our streamlined process and expertise help clients take the guesswork out of performance engineering, and provide thorough, methodical, and proven solutions to performance issues,” adds Yalamanchili.

Performance engineering is always our strength, and we want to make sure we provide clients with robust custom solutions to meet their ever-growing user base for scalability needs

CSI boasts a team of software engineers having diverse industry experience primarily in software performance engineering and software development testing. Many employees have expertise in CI/CD, and in software development, the areas of expertise include JAVA, tshark, Python, and so on. The company’s performance architects, as well as database admins, are well-versed in Oracle. For single sign-on and other security features that are needed for the client’s infrastructure, CSI has people with expertise in Identity and Access Management (IAM). “On top of these employees with diverse skill sets, we have contractors as well,” says Chetan.

CSI is a specialist service provider of customized high-end business-technology solutions and services for insurance, banking, manufacturing, and capital markets. “We seek to become the IT solutions provider of choice for all of our global customers by offering a full range of products and superior IT services,” adds Chetan. They also seek to become more robust while bringing in more automation so that repetitive functionality, tests, and monitoring solutions are all automated. They also envision continued growth and onboarding, new customers, while providing better solutions. "Performance engineering is always our strength, and we want to make sure we provide clients with robust custom solutions to meet their ever-growing user base for scalability needs," concludes Yalamanchili.

Compest Solutions, Inc.

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Prasad Yalamanchili, President and Chetan Reddy, Director

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