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Dr.Natalia Soboleva, President & Founder
As the pedagogical practices are approaching to being an anachronism, integration of communication and information technology tools in the education landscape is critical for interactive engagement. With student-centricity emerging as the prime aspect of learning in a knowledge-based and globally interconnected economy, e-learning vendors are leveraging trends like gamification, remote learning, social media, data and analytics and more for better learning experiences. Along the same lines, Dr. Natalia Soboleva, President and Founder, Competentum Group, has been ameliorating tasks for learning professionals, managers, HR professionals, educators and schools with their teaching and training initiatives. “Competentum Group offers a wide range of solutions for content development, complex software development, and comprehensive quality assurance for corporate training and academic education,” states Natalia.

From the time of its inception in 1993, Competentum, nestled in the city of iconic landmarks—New York, has been an innovator in the education technology space with its exemplar solutions designed to gain preeminence in the competitive Learning Management System (LMS) market. With the assistance of cutting-edge technologies, the firm develops LMS and CMS platforms, automated content conversion tools, custom system integrations, interactive learning products, multimedia content, and rich internet and mobile applications for academic e-learning and IT courseware. The firm’s LMS solutions are custom-tailored to adapt to all kinds of academic or corporate environments. Competentum’s SharePoint-based LMS—ShareKnowledge—has been designed keeping corporate workflows in mind. Complimenting the corporate environment, ShareKnowledge is an affordable and efficient channel combating the complexities of legacy architecture in academic institutions. Illustrious names in the industry like Pearson Education, McGraw-Hill Education, Macmillan Publishers, Cengage Learning and many more have worked closely with Competentum to build education platforms for their organizations.

Having been in the industry for more than two decades developing e-learning solutions for different stages of K-12, Competentum stimulates interests of kids by harnessing advancements in gamification to transform learning processes into an engaging experience.
Moreover, the company also works closely with industry-leading publishers to create simulation or a virtual lab for improved learner engagement.

Along with providing HTML5 education solutions, Competentum’s content authoring services develops learning material with automated content conversion tools on subjects like math, science, economics, finance and accounting. The firm’s in-house educational experts ensure that the content development process fulfills the pedagogical value of each project. The quality assurance services from Competentum perform content accuracy check, functional and automated testing to prevent bugs and ensure that the application is available to meet client needs. Enhancing the quality of academic assessment products, the company develops time-saving sophisticated algorithms for teachers to simplify the process of evaluating and grading the performance of students.

Being a client focused company, Competentum meets the specific needs of corporate, publishing, education and government sectors by providing easily accessible e-learning solutions with advanced pedagogy. The company has worked in partnership with National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) and the Verizon Foundation to create Illuminations, a platform featuring interactive tools for students and teachers for learning and teaching mathematics. With over 700 lesson plans and more than 100 activities, Illuminations has been an exciting and interesting mathematic education community connecting student and teachers.

The skillful team of professional educators and developers at Competentum can work seamlessly with diverse mobile platforms including Android, Windows and iOS to generate pedagogically accurate and flawless content. The team also includes efficient QA professionals developing unique algorithms and thorough testing processes for delivering the best possible e-learning experience to users.

With a powerful technology base and richly featured suite of services, Competentum is aggressively augmenting its portfolio of e-courses and looks forward to creating more high quality educational products.


New York City, NY

Dr.Natalia Soboleva, President & Founder

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