Complete Communications: Upping the SD-WAN Game

Blake Darling, President & CEO
According to Gartner, SD-WAN technology will account for 40 percent of the entire network infrastructure by 2020. And with that, the current MPLS framework is expected to face its twilight years. In sync with these trends, Complete Communications builds ROI and manages the circuit implementation for organizations looking to deploy SD-WAN. Complete Communications’ focal point revolves around the predicaments in MPLS framework, one of which is its exorbitant cost. As per Blake Darling, President and CEO of Complete Communications, the most expensive spend for a company after payroll is MPLS and carrier services. Complete Communications presents cost saving alternatives that SD-WAN can bring and at the same time achieve parity among speed, performance, and price from an architectural standpoint.

At the heart of Complete Communications’ offerings is their ability to analyze a customer’s circuit requirements and manage the installation. Complete works with most providers across the globe. This helps them find an affordable alternative for organizations grappling with balancing performance needs with low infrastructure cost. Complete Communications also provides a proprietary dashboard for their clients, which according to Blake gives organizations a visual representation of current and impending trends and alternatives in the networking landscape. “It shows our customers how much money they can save by implementing SD-WAN through their carrier services. It also provides the carrier architecture and roadmap that can provide the best overall value for the customer as per their network needs,” states Blake.

A further extension to Complete Communications’ carrier service offerings is its IWAN and Meraki solutions. The firm has offerings that can manage IWAN and Meraki. Complete Communications has proprietary tools that can capture, quote, and even offer project management solutions to capitalize on IWAN and Meraki opportunities. Additionally, Complete Communications provides platforms that can proactively monitor in a continuous manner and raise trouble tickets with the carriers as and when required. Cisco SD-WAN brings effective cost savings to an organization and Complete Communications makes sure that organizations choose the best managed solution that meets individual network requirements.

Complete Communications builds ROI and manages the circuit implementation for organizations looking to deploy SD-WAN

Complete Communications’ Project Management and consulting services help them leverage carrier services as per their customer’s needs. Complete alleviates organizations from the worry of identifying the underlying carrier service providers and vetting their products thoroughly. Complete Communications does the job for its customers and does not charge a penny until the entire infrastructure is installed and functional. Our fees are paid by the service provider and this allows Complete and the customer to work in unison. “Our financial interests are aligned with customers’ financial interests,” notes Blake.

With the expertise and hands-on experience of Cisco’s technologies in conjunction with a dashboard that keeps organizations abreast of cost-effective technology trends of communication carriers, Complete Communications acts as an extension of its customer’s IT team. “We show customers our transport-agnostic SD-WAN and transport-agnostic purchasing strategy. It highlights the fact that we deploy the most cost-effective solution that suits their business,” Blake explains.

While spearheading business development and operations for Complete Communications along with handling Cisco relationship, Blake has been able to build a team with high customer service quotient. The team strives to stand by customers through thick and thin, thereby building long term relationships. Armed with an arsenal of capabilities, Complete Communications endeavors to foray into geographies within U.S. and internationally. And while doing that, Blake plans to morph its products in accordance to customer needs. “Our vision is to invest in our customer requirements and build proper teams to support their needs,” Blake concludes.

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Blake Darling, President & CEO

Offers ROI analysis for organizations acquiring Cisco SD-WAN and Voice solutions

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