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With the rising popularity of “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD), the corporate world is in the middle of a rollercoaster ride. Many companies are headed up-embracing the idea of employees using their own devices to access company data and per¬form company business, while others are headed down keeping it strictly off-limits. “When you look back over the past 10 years, mobile devices were emerging in the market and were quickly gaining in popularity. We recognized this market opportunity and created solutions for BYOD devices in a mixed environment with corporate owned devices,” says Daniel Hurd, Principal, Complete Tablet Solutions (CTS). Founded in 2004, CTS is a Value-Added Minority Owned Reseller of mobility solutions, including managed services, devices, productivity and security software, peripherals and more.

CTS supports the entire life cycle of mobile deployments, from project scope to implementation, and product refresh. The firm provides solutions that are compatible with all major mobile platforms including iOS, Windows and Android. “We offer our customers the right tools to optimize performance within their business operations,” notes Hurd. Foreseeing the scope of smart de¬vices and tablet across various industry sectors, CTS advises customers regarding compliance for various industry standards such as PCI, HIPAA and others.

The mobility offerings span industry verticals including retail, energy, health¬care, field reps and more. For instance, a government agency needed a solution to permit employees to utilize their iPads for personal and official use.
“We helped the agency develop a solution to utilize their iPads in for personal use while off duty and for agency business while on duty. An evaluation process of Mobile Device Management (MDM) software yielded a solution that met their needs,” adds Hurd. Containerization and other MDM features, allowed access of sensitive information while segregating personal use, keeping pictures and personal information separate.

As a major player in mobility for over a decade and a leader in the emergence of the BYOD market, CTS has worked with a significant number of customers allowing them to lead in innovation over the years. “Our comprehensive multi-platform approach coupled with around the clock service allows clients to achieve high performing mobility initiatives,” claims Hurd. “CTS serves customers of all sizes from smaller organizations and government agencies to Fortune 100 clients and we have demonstrated the capability to transform labor and paper intensive business activities into efficient, secure and affordable mobile processes that increase productivity and competitiveness for our clients.”

CTS also leads in mobility by providing creative solutions. For instance, they currently deploy tablet based interactive kiosks in retail locations that support customer interaction to promote products and offers and encourage customers to sign up to receive services. These kiosks are remotely managed from a CTS operations center, where they use MDM technology to update the systems and monitor critical functions.

CTS is constantly enhancing their managed services and solutions model, mitigating the concerns of their clients who are increasingly embracing the shift to mobility. “CTS has developed truly scalable processes and we are currently planning the development of software applications that will support our continued growth,” says Hurd.

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