ComplianceMetrix: Driving Enterprise Performance by Enhancing Supply Chain Quality Management

Mitch Porche, CEO
The rapidly changing global economy is driving businesses to bring flexibility and agility in their production and supply chain. By optimizing performance in the manufacturing process, Supply Chain Quality Management (SCQM) plays a significant role in achieving operational excellence. In this technology driven global village, supply chain professionals must stay abreast of the new opportunities and trends. “Business leaders in the supply chain domain are tasked with defining and sourcing the products, identifying and vetting suppliers, maintaining quality and managing risk,” says Mitch Porche, CEO of ComplianceMetrix (CMX). To obtain excellence in SCQM, timely access to accurate information and actionable data from a structured platform is required, which would enable fast decision-making and help in identifying inefficiencies and risks in business processing.

Addressing the market demand, La Jolla, CA based CMX delivers innovative technology solutions to track and manage data for enhanced visibility in SCQM operations through a unified data-driven platform. “We have created solutions that incorporate relational, schema-less and object data technologies to govern the asynchronous workflows, and apply business rules at decision points,” illustrates Porche.

All the offerings of CMX are based on their Platform-as-a-Service software development tool RequirementsLive (RQL). “The tool solves the complex software problems of enterprise application, like collecting, managing, and measuring op¬erational, quality and performance objectives,” explains Porche. “It further offers the solutions as ‘services’ to the higher-level, domain-specific applications,” he adds. CMX’s supply chain application ensures safety and quality in the food service industry. Delivered via cloud, the application employs business-rules and workflow engines which can be accessed through APIs, thus, enabling customers’ to leverage directly via their internal or external systems. Additionally, the application can be used for viewing, managing, and reporting aggregate record sets or ‘queues’. “Business rules can be applied to the data in queues to automatically sort based on due date, criticality or other criteria,” adds Porche. The solution has various features, like refreshable web-queries and data visualization for further business reporting and insights and integrates with Business Intelligence (BI) platforms for deeper analysis as needed.

We have architected our platform to provide a clear separation between ‘what’ the application does and ‘how’ it gets executed

Being an SCQM provider, CMX’s solutions are based on customer-focused innovations, as it is a complex and constantly changing concept for most enterprises. “We have architected our platform to provide a clear separation between ‘what’ the application does and the ‘how’ it gets executed,” explains Porche. One of their customers, a global fast food chain, needed a high-performance, robust, and reliable solution to maintain their supply chain quality. With the help of CMX, the customer launched their Supplier Performance Enterprise Quality System, which incorporates master data and document management, on-board¬ing workflow and approval, specification creation and approval, incident management, and product tracking features. This helped the fast food company with faster and easier data access and integrating all different supplier information into single system for better operational performance.

Over the years, CMX has helped numerous global companies to achieve business excellence by reshaping and improving their supply chain process. CMX envisions growing in audit management, supply chain quality management, operational excellence and guest experience in the coming days. They are also investing in real-time replication to provide more resilience for their customers. Another major goal of CMX in the coming years is to make their customers self-sufficient with more refined development and configuration tools. “By reducing cycle-times and costs, our solutions will fuel innovation and provide even greater value to our customers,” concludes Porche.


La Jolla, CA

Mitch Porche, CEO

Offers cloud based supply chain technologies in food services, hospitality and retail industries to drive performance and brand protection.