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Daniel Tautges, Sr. Vice President of Sales & Marketing
In the heavily regulated aviation industry, the concise documentation of aircraft maintenance work and custodial control of parts plays a crucial role in maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) operations. Organizations need a comprehensive record of the services associated with the replacement of parts along with the type of operations carried out by MROs in order to thoroughly track changes made to an aircraft. Component Control, a pioneer in the aviation aftermarket sector, offers Quantum Control, a multi-tiered software platform that streamlines MRO and logistics operations. Quantum Control helps organizations standardize work order management, inventory sales, contracts, and requests for quotation (RFQs), thereby lowering the costs of operations and maintaining the chain of custody of aircraft installed equipment.

Component Control’s end-to-end, fully integrated software system supports the management of MRO operations while complying with industry regulations. The software encompasses Q-STEP, Quantum Express, and Quantum Enterprise platforms, which collectively enable aircraft maintenance facilities, MROs, manufacturers, and logistics companies to efficiently manage daily business operations. Q-STEP is designed for entry-level traders within the aviation space, while Quantum Express is Component Control’s product for mid-sized MROs and logistics companies. Finally, Quantum Enterprise adds a multitude of features to meet various business requirements such as bar-coding, contract management, event based automation, and aircraft maintenance. Additionally, Quantum Control integrates with, Inventory Locator Service (ILS), Aeroxchange, and B2B-aero providing a complete online trading and commerce environment for aircraft parts and equipment repair.

Quantum’s off-the-shelf, modular platform provides businesses the flexibility to deploy functionalities that best suit their needs as they evolve and grow. To enable organizations to manage their day-to-day business operations effectively, the platform delivers a multitude of features for inventory control and security, purchasing, sourcing, distribution, invoicing, and reporting. Quantum Control automates workflows such as transmitting invoices, generating reports, and prompting follow-up on pending payments, all using out of the box scripts configured for each task.

We are committed to expanding our product around analytics tools and bringing data to a single platform such that executives can plan better, work smarter, and move faster

These functionalities reduce operational expenses, improve productivity, and decrease labor cost.

Armed with such a comprehensive range of solutions, Component Control collaborates with some of the world’s largest MROs, and helps them gain operational resilience in the aviation space. One such partnership with a client that repairs and maintains aircraft propeller systems best demonstrates the company’s competency in the aviation space. As the client serves more than 800 customers spread across different regions worldwide, the challenge was to efficiently manage work orders and maintain control of inventory across multiple international facilities. By deploying the Quantum Control platform, the client was able to effectively track and manage work orders, inventory, production, and accounting processes, enabling them to meet the rising demand for their customer-focused services across the globe.

These partnerships have allowed Component Control to establish a commendable presence in global aviation technology space. The firm is now working on mining data from Quantum and aggregating within its business intelligence software. “We are committed to adding many more functionalities to our analytics tools and bringing data to a single platform so that executives can plan better, work smarter, and move faster toward their goals,” adds Daniel Tautges, Sr. Vice President of Sales & Marketing. Component Control is further improving the accessibility of their offerings by making them accessible from the web, mobile, and tablet workstations for enhanced customer experience.

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Daniel Tautges, Sr. Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Provides a wide range of solutions for managing maintenance, repair, and overhaul in the aviation aftermarket industry

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