Compsys: Delivering Seamless IT Capabilities

Robert Williams, Founder
In today’s competitive business world, companies are increasingly demanding platform-agnostic, resilient, and dynamically scalable IT environment that keeps downtime to bare minimum, while fostering collaboration. With the high rate of technology adoption, businesses, especially small and medium, are on a constant lookout for cost-effective and unified solutions that help them simplify technology implementation to gain higher level of productivity. With core technology expertise, Compsys addresses networking challenges by leveraging cloud-based technology solutions and services to manage IT infrastructure. “Our primary private cloud solution provides a secure redundant hosted solution that allows our clients to access their network from any location that has an internet connection and from any device or platform,” says Robert Williams, Founder, Compsys. “If a company wishes to retain its own equipment, we offer a network solution that is capable of monitoring and maintaining network devices, servers, and workstations in a proactive manner.”

With automated functionality for Windows updates, basic maintenance, and alerts, in case of hardware failures, Compsys keeps the downtime to minimum. WhileCompsys implements best practices and relies on scheduled maintenance in managing IT environment, italso formulates a disaster recovery planthat ensures business continuity.To mitigate the complexities associated with managing internal IT infrastructure, Compsys offers CloudPanel, a control panel that helps clients manage their Citrix and Microsoft Exchange environments. With upcoming Office365 integrated into CloudPanel, clients can manage the Office365 suite of products, as well as their multi-tier or single-tier exchange and Citrix environments seamlessly. Complex procedures can be allocated to people who are less trained as CloudPanel simplifies tasks involved in the day to day IT operations.

Compsys offers remote support, desktop and application virtualization services, and network management services. Built on Citrix capabilities, Compsys provides full desktops and application virtualization capabilities.

We are working on applications that will allow us to present the cloud-based infrastructure seamlessly to a desktop

Their cloud solution is compatible with all modern platforms. “Our managed solution service allows us to connect directly to the users and resolve the issues in the background while they continue working,” says Williams. Taking the resources beyond the four walls of corporate offices, Compsys’s cloud-based desktop-as-a-service solution enables clients to share the applications and data with users regardless of their physical location. Compsys eliminates the need for onsite servers all together by transferring all application and data into the cloud. For instance, “Our cloud infrastructure enabled a nursing home business to run their several branches as unit regardless of their location that facilitated their business growth.”

Furthermore, by performing compliance audits and strategic security planning, Compsys ensures that their solutions meet the security and regulatory standards. The company is relentlessly innovating to make cloud access easier. “We are working on applications that will allow us to create a centralized control mechanism to control cloud-based desktop units,” adds Williams. The company is currently working towards making traditional Active Directory environment available in a cloud-based format that enables CIOs to have direct control of remote cloud-based desktop units.

“Cloud is king,” proclaims Williams. “We look forward toexpanding our cloud capabilities and market custom solutions to manage cloud environments.” Having a sharp focus on the technological advancements, Compsys continues to ensure seamless connectivity to businesses enabling them to stay connected and productive.


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Robert Williams, Founder

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